Popsicle Frozen Pops - As Low As $3.22 with Target and Walmart Deals!

Popsicle Frozen Pops – As Low As $3.22 with Target and Walmart Deals!

Popsicle Frozen Pops

Popsicle Frozen Pops – As Low As $3.22 with Target and Walmart Deals

You can get a deal on Popsicle frozen Pops! With deals at Walmart and Target, you will only have to pay as low as $3.22! You won’t even need to use a coupon! Just submit your receipt for an Ibotta rebate! The Ibotta has a limit of 3. So, if your are out of stock in your freezer, grab some and use the rebate offer!

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about the product

Popsicle Orange, Cherry, and Grace Ice Pops are always a favorite combination — and now you can get them with no sugar added! There’s a flavor for everyone in this box of delicious and refreshing fruit pops, with each ice pop containing only 15 calories, 0 g saturated fat, 0 mg sodium, and 0 g of sugar. Even better, Ice Pops are now made with natural colors! What’s your favorite? Is it the grape popsicle? Orange? Cherry? Each Ice Pop flavor is equally delicious to us. This box of ice popsicles is perfect for any occasion; serve it at a party or just keep it in the freezer for an after dinner snack.Popsicle Ice Snacks have been a treasured American treat for over 100 years, and they remain America’s favorite ice pop.

 In 1905, when he was 11 years old, Frank Epperson invented the first ice pop. One night, Frank poured soda powder in water and mixed it with a stirring stick. He accidentally left the mixture outside all night in the cold, waking up the next morning to find that his drink had frozen like an icicle. This ice pop was a hit with his friends, and a classic was born. Find more about Popsicles on their brand site.

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