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Pineapple Coupon Makes for Great Deal at Publix!

pineapple coupon

Publix Sale and Del Monte Pineapple Coupon!

Michelle loves watermelon and I buy it all summer long and cut it up into little cubes for her to munch on while we watch TV at night.  But watermelon season is sadly over and if you find one in the store now it is usually not very good.

Pineapple is another one of her favorites and they happen to be on sale starting tommorrow (today for some of you) for $2.99 each.  This alone is a great price but we can do better.  Just print out this $0.50/1 Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple coupon from facebook and you can pick up a sweet, fresh delicious pineapple for as low as $1.99 .

Looks like Michelle will be snacking on pineapple soon!!!

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