Personalized Photo Gift Deals from MailPix

Personalized Photo Gift Deals from MailPix

These personalized photo gift deals may be right up your alley for a graduation or Father’s Day gift or even a ‘just because” gift. I love all of these types of personalized gifts. I think it says so much more than a gift card or a store bought item. MailPix has several promotions going on right now. There are several listed below but even more on their site so it may be something you just want to browse through and see if anything jumps out at you. I love the photo books and the personalized mugs!

personalized photo gift  

I created a personalized photo book for my son’s graduation last year and included pictures of special events in his life and pictures of his friends and it turned out so cool! Tommy also created one for me after a wonderful vacation we took together.  

Here are some other personalized photo gift deals from MailPix. Monthly Awesome Photo Deals.

Once you create an account, you can also take advantage of their Daily Deals for prints:

  • Every Tuesday: 8×10 Prints $1.00! No Promo Needed!
  • Every Wednesday: 4×6 Prints 1 Cent Each! No Promo Needed!
  • Every Thursday: 5×7 Prints $0.50! No Promo Needed!

It’s something to think about if you want to do a little personalized something for that special person!