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Personalized JibJab Videos and Ecards – New Easter

With 230+ Personalized Holiday eCards JIbJab cards are a great holiday present for family! Get started now!

Addicted to those personalized JibJab videos like I am?

UPDATED: You can find all the NEW Holiday 2014 JibJab eCards HERE! We just did a new post featuring Valentines Day Card Ideas ~ Starring You from JibJib! So if you are looking for Valentines day eCard ideas be sure and check it out HERE!

There are some hilarious new personalized JibJab videos and e cards for the Easter holiday if you’ve signed up for a membership.  I was hoping for one of their free personalized videos that everyone could take advantage of like the Gangnam Style Video I posted about a while back but unfortunately I’m not seeing anything new in the free stuff.

There are some hilarious new personalized JibJab videos and e cards for the Easter holiday for members and if you like sending a little something for every occassion then this may be well worth the $12 for a year… especially when you start looking at the cost of cards in the store.

I had so much fun this morning making a few of these videos and ecards! Here’s just a few screenshots of my warped sense of humor.

Personalized JibJab Videos

Personalized JibJab Free

I bought a JibJab membership a few months ago when I was looking at the free videos but couldn’t resist some of the personalized JibJab videos available to members only so I definitely had to join.  I figured that the $1 per month for unlimited access was much cheaper than buying even one birthday card and mailing it and so I paid my $12 for the year. I have certainly gotten my money’s worth already and have had a lot of fun and laughs in the process!

Personalized JibJab Videos and E Cards

Here’s one of the actual videos I made of our mothers and boys dancing together!  How fun is this?!  The Grammas are going to love it when they see it!!

Personalized Video card

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