Personalized JibJab eCards and Videos for Easter and Mothers Day

Personalized JibJab eCards and Videos for Easter and Mothers Day


 Make your family and friends laugh with these personalized JibJab eCards and Videos for Easter and Mothers Day

UPDATE: If you’re looking for other JibJab holiday ecard posts like the New Mothers Day ecard and videos post, just click the JibJab link at the top of this post. You can get all the JibJab posts that way!

I’ve done other posts in the past about the personalized Jibjab eCards and Videos so if you’ve been reading us for a while then you know I’m a huge fan of JibJab! There are some hilarious cards available and even funnier dance videos that you can personalize with pictures of your family and friends.

Occasionally there are some free JibJab ecards but personally I enjoy the unlimited access that comes with the membership. Right now there is a promotion for 25% off the membership so you can get unlimited access to personalized JibJab eCards and Videos for $1.50 per month. That’s less than a price of one store bought card!  It’s a great time to take advantage of the reduced fee with Easter and Mothers Day coming up! They’ve recently added some new Easter eCards and some super cute videos to personalize. I just got done creating one of them.

Personalized JibJab eCards and Videos

Then I dabbled a little with the Mother’s Day videos and ended up making a hilarious JibJab personalized video of my mom dancing and rapping that I plan on posting on her Facebook page. (I might spend entirely too much time playing with these)

Personalized JibJab eCards and Videos

While the discount is in effect, you can get 12 months for just $1.50 per month (regularly $2 per month). You can spend all year entertaining yourself, making fun of your friends and embarrassing your family with these! hehe You can’t beat the price when you start adding up the cost of sending a store bought card for each holiday… plus these are more fun. Another big plus is that you can post these on Facebook or send them via email and don’t have to wait for snail mail.

Here’s what you get for your membership:

Get Unlimited Access to JibJab!

  • Make and Share 1000+ personalized JibJab ecards and vidios
  • 500+ Starring You® Videos + Pics
  • Get Discounts on Downloads