Over 85% Savings at Publix 6/2/13

Over 85% Savings at Publix 6/2/13

Over 85% Savings at Publix ~ Paid under $13 even with the pork chops!

We grabbed a few more deals at Publix and were able to cash in on the gas card deal. It’s a bummer they limit it to the 3 days now instead of the whole sale period since we usually do our largest trip on Thursdays for the Brag Blog, but I’m not complaining! We were about 5 dollars short of the requirement for the gas card and Tommy grabbed a couple packages of the BOGO pork chops (which I had forgotten to put on the list anyway) to put us over the $50 requirement after the store sale but before the coupons. I love the gas card deal! Since we buy gas anyway, the discount on the card purchase is $10 free money against our grocery purchase and we ended up with over 85% savings at Publix for this trip.

We should be stocked up on salt for a while.  I was thrilled that the Diamond Crystal coupon reset for me since this is a freebie at regular price.  We may even be throwing some in the donation box this week. It’s funny, I use to buy the pretty salt crystals to go in my grinder because it looked pretty.  Now, give me these ugly little salt shakers at the low cost of FREE any day!



Here’s what we bought at Publix…

$87.69 worth of groceries for $12.95

That’s over 85% savings!

Over 85% savings at Publix

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