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Midnight CVS Trip: 102% Savings!

Midnight CVS Trip

We made a Midnight CVS trip last night since CVS started their new sale which is really the best part of their “Black Friday Ad” last night at midnight (my store is 24 hours). Of course I had to be there at Midnight and thought my Mother and my Mother-in-Law were going to tag along. That was before they fell asleep on the couch.  Needless to say they didn’t go, so it was just me and Michelle!


I had 33 items on my list to pick up and I was pretty successful. I was able to get 25 of them!  It looked liked the employees did not realize they had such a big ad with so many free items because the store was definitively not ready and marked with the sale signs. It made finding some of the items challenging. There were a couple of other couponers in the store and we all all chipped in and helped each other find things!  Nothing like a little teamwork at midnight.


There were a couple of items that they did not have in stock and I am going to run back today and see if maybe they stocked some this morning. I am really disappointed that I was unable to get the “As Seen on TV” Easy Feet. I was really looking forward to giving that to my mother-in-law for Christmas.  Cool

Midnight CVS Trip Easy Feet

I did find it on Amazon though!   EasyFeet Foot Cleaner from Amazon only $5.00

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We also made 2 trips to Publix this week.  You can check out Trip 1 here and Trip 2 here !

The total retail for my trip was $126.88 less $48.84 in store sales and coupons. I earned a total of $80.39 in ECB’s resulting in a $2.35 PROFIT or 102% Savings!

Have you been to CVS yet? How did you do? Leave us a comment and Share!

  Midnight CVS Trip