Live For The Good ~ Push Off The Fear

Live For The Good ~ Push Off The Fear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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The fortunate truth is, more good happens in life than bad.

That’s one of the first statements on the Allstate Good Life campaign and I think it hits the mark. I watched their video anthem and reviewed the campaign and it really hit home with me. It stresses live for the good and to push off the negatives such as fear and doubt… basically to enjoy life!
Live For The GoodIt wasn’t that long ago that my husband Tommy was diagnosed with Cancer. When faced with the possibility of losing the love of my life, my perspective changed a lot. For a period of time after his diagnosis and surgery I found myself scared of everything. Even after we were told he was cancer free, I worried about what could happen instead of enjoying all the “little happies” that were happening all around me. I held on tighter to my children, not wanting them to experience any of the negatives that might happen. I held on tighter to a job I was unhappy doing even though I knew my boss was resistant to making any type of positive change. I held on because the what if’s were too scary, because it was a gamble to be happy doing something else, and because in some ways I felt that I needed to shelter myself and my family from any possibility of negatives that “might” happen.
Somewhere along the way I finally realized that after our cancer scare I was focusing on the doubt and fear… bracing for any other possible negatives. I was holding on so tight to fear that I explained it away as being “realistic”, “responsible”, and “cautious”. It finally clicked…more good happens in life than bad and we need to live for the good and push off that fear or we’ll miss out on a lot. I was missing out.. and so was my family.
Live For The GoodI’m happy to say that I’ve loosened my grip on my boys and have allowed them to do much more growing up! Experiencing life involves some risk. Since then, we’ve gone Zip Lining in Costa Rica, jumped off rocks over waterfalls, and rode surf boards in some huge waves! I’ve waved and smiled as my youngest left the house for his first sleepover and my oldest for his first road trip. I also finally quit that job that I was unhappy with and I’ve been able to enjoy all the good things happening around me right down to the simple things like Spring flowers blooming in my yard or the cute little squeaky sound that my puppy makes when he’s sleeping.
Live For The Good

Sometimes it just takes a wake up call to really enjoy the good in life. Think about your daily life. Do you live for the good?  Don’t let the fear rule… let the good life in and enjoy!

(I do thank Allstate for the great campaign that prompted me to write this! May you get as much out of the message as I did putting it into words!)

Do you have a good life story? What are some of the things that you’ve gone through that have ultimately made your life better? Leave a comment we’d love to hear about it!

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