Kroger Trip on 7-10 ~ My mother's maiden voyage almost FREE!

Kroger Trip on 7-10 ~ My mother’s maiden voyage almost FREE!

 Almost all freebies in our Kroger trip on 7-10 ~ 97% savings!

What’s amazing about our Kroger trip on 7-10 is that neither Tommy or I went!  My mom is visiting and I put together a list and coupons and she made her first big solo shopping trip with coupons!  I thought about hiding in the closet when I saw her pull in the driveway since I figured she may throw the bags at me but she was still smiling!! It took me a few minutes of caution before I could believe it wasn’t a trap. Surprised



The entire trip was pretty much free and she managed to find everything except the free Kroger ecoupon item which they were out of.  I’m so proud of her!! (and no one was injured in the process.. including me!) 

I’m excited to try the chips and the Annie Chun noodles.  It’s always fun to try new things for FREE!  I must tell you that the chocolate milk has already been opened and had the kid stamp of approval as I’m typing this. They have been yelling from the other room at me that it’s delicious, amazing, and many other adjectives that I can’t remember.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one was emptied before I post this!

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Here’s what she got on this trip…

$51.77 worth of items for $1.50

That’s 97% savings!!

kroger trip on 7-10