The Couponing Couple | Kroger Couponing Trip on 9-4-13

Kroger Couponing Trip on 9-4 ~ Mega Savings 98% from Mega Deals!

Kroger Couponing Trip on 9-4

Kroger Couponing Trip on 9-4 ~ Saved 98% on Some Great Mega Deals!

We had a great Kroger couponing trip on 9-4 and took advantage of several of the Mega deals for the mix n match Buy 5 get $5 off that paired nicely with coupons! We also still have double coupons here but just until 9/22.  If you haven’t heard the news, the Southeastern/Atlanta region will be dicontinuing double coupons as of 9/22. This includes Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Eastern Tennessee.  We knew it was coming.  I don’t think there are very many left that do double but those will stop soon as well. It looks like our great couponing trips to Kroger will become fewer. Cry For now, we’ll be happy about our recent trip!

Make sure and check out the full Kroger Ad with coupon matchups for 9/1-9/7 if you are still working on your list! 

Here is a breakdown of our Kroger shopping trip totals:

Kroger Couponing Trip on 9-4

We saved over 98% shopping at Kroger this week!