Kroger Coupon Matchups 6/24/20 to 6/30

Kroger Coupon Matchups 6/24/20 to 6/30

Kroger Coupon Matchups XX/XX/XX

Kroger Coupon Matchups 6/24/20 to 6/30

Below is the Kroger Coupon Matchups 6/24/20 to 6/30. This is the one version of the ad so be sure to check your local ad for any regional differences in your local Kroger Ad or review your ad online before you finalize your list! Many sales in each weekly ad is similar, but there are always significant differences in each region. We are unable to list every version of the ad.

Also, we highly suggest creating your digital account so you can use Kroger digital coupons!

Kroger Coupon Matchups

Kroger Coupon Matchups 6/24/20 to 6/30

Below, you will find the sale item listed, and then all possible coupons we found that you might have that could be used with that item. We do not intend for you to use all the listed coupons. Use the best value coupon that you have access to.

**Did you know you can view the Kroger Weekly Ad scans ahead of time?


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Kroger Couponing Info

Kroger now has an official coupon policy online but they give their individual store management a great deal of flexibility in the details such as limiting the number of  coupons per transaction so it’s best to call your local Kroger store if you’re unsure.

Key points of Kroger couponing:

  • take advantage of Kroger fuel points
  • Almost all stores have stopped doubling
  • Limit of (5) coupons per like products
  • Competitor coupons are not accepted (with the exception of Pharmacy)

Also don’t forget to search the coupon database to find additional coupons for items on your list and be sure to load your eCoupons: