JibJab Mothers Day eCards, videos ~ New Ones Added! Last Minute idea!

JibJab Mothers Day eCards, videos ~ New Ones Added! Last Minute Mother’s Day Idea

Need A Last Minute Mother’s Day Idea? Check Out the New JibJab Mothers Day eCards and Videos

If time got away from you and you’re wondering what you can send mom, you may be interested in the JibJab Mothers Day eCards and videos. Even if you already have a plan for mom, you may want to take a peek. JibJab is always adding new holiday and “just because” items to their collection. If you’re not familiar with JibJab, they’re eCards and videos that you can personalize with your own pictures of you other friend/family members. You can then email them or post them to Facebook for everyone to see. I see two new videos they’ve added for Mother’s Day… er Mummy’s Day.

JibJab Mothers Day eCards

 Sometimes they offer free JibJab ecards and videos. I’ve posted about several of those in the past, such as when they offered the free gangnam style JibJab video. I don’t see any of those for Mothers Day, but there are a few freebies for other occasions. The rest are members only but the membership is pretty darn cheap for unlimited access to everything on the site. Right now you can create a free membership and browse all the cards and videos. The free membership option, however, only gives you an option to personalize the free JibJab videos and there’s not very many of them.  If you want one of the JibJab Mothers Day ecards or videos (or the other 2000 items) you’ll have to upgrade to the paid membership which is $1.50 per month.  That’s less than a store bought card and it’s unlimited access so it’s still a big win. Let me repeat, that’s not for each card. The $1.50 is for as many as you want to make and email to people (or post to Facebook). That’s awesome .. and no stamps!

Warning! A JibJab addiction is almost certain. Browse at your own risk!!