I Am A Mom Should Never Include The Word "Just"

I Am A Mom Should Never Include The Word “Just”

I AM A MOM ~ Look mom, no four letter words!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say “I’m just a mom”  instead of  ” I am a mom ” when replying to some sort of career or employment question.  I can remember this sentence rolling from the lips of friends’ mothers as early as my teenage years and I have heard it countless times since.  Before I was a mom, I never realized the irony of the inappropriate four letter word in that sentence.

i am a mom

Not knowing the significance while growing up is, in itself, why it does not belong there.  A Mother’s natural instinct is to shelter and protect her children and as a result she does not advertise the pains and sacrifices she makes while giving her children the best life possible and preparing them for the real world. 

As children, we never knew how much pain mom felt as she bandaged up our bloody knees while maintaining her composure so we would stay calm.  Until I became a mom it would have never crossed my mind that my injuries and sorrows affected her.  It was not just my pain.. she felt it too.  I understand now that beyond that cool steady confident exterior, she was crying with me.

As teenagers, we never knew the struggle mom had internally with allowing us to begin making our own decisions and then dealing with the worry and pain again as she had to also “allow” us to learn the consequence of a bad decision.  We were mad at her for things she didn’t let us do and mad at her for the things she did let us do that didn’t turn out as we had planned. Until I became a mom, I didn’t understand her struggles with each yes or no answer to my request while she hurt inside from the painful things that the mad teenager said or from having to comfort me through her feelings of guilt when something went wrong.

As young adults, we never knew the sadness jumbled in with the pride as mom watched us become independent and go longer periods without needing to check in. Until I became a mom, I had no idea of that bittersweet accomplishment of raising a child to adulthood but at the same time longing for that sweet little child that would come rushing home to tell me about his day.
I am a mom

In summary, the job of mom is basically an exhausting, emotional roller coaster with unimaginable highs and lows.  There’s not a more rewarding feeling than those highs that come along with the title but the lows can beat out any “bad day” at the office and there’s never a vacation or day off.

 “I am a mom!”

So next time you hear anyone throwing that four letter word into that sentence, please correct them! The word “just” should never be paired with mom! 

Thank you to all the mom’s out there.  Be sure to thank your mom today for a job well done! Let her know that you appreciate all the sacrifices she made for you and, to honor her, throw out the “just”! … I am a mom.

happy mother's day

I love you mom!