Heavy Publix Trip!! 8/25/12

Heavy Publix Trip!! 8/25/12


If I could brag about the weight instead of the savings this would be one fantastic trip!  My boys were very patient as they drug all of it upstairs for the photoshoot and then back downstairs to be put away!!  

We needed dogfood (I finally ran out after the money maker deal on dog food several weeks back) so i decided to take advantage of the high dollar Purina store and manufacturer matchup before I let the coupons expire.  We also  needed cheese now that my oldest is back from his Summer adventures… we seem to keep buying the special disappearing cheese.  We put it in the fridge and *P O O F * it’s gone!  Using the target coupon on the Publix store brand is great.  Every little bit helps!!  And the Powerade that we stocked up on over the summer has also been depleating fast with a handful of thirsty teenagers around the house most evenings.  


It’s funny… just last year I would have paid nearly $200 because I didn’t yet know how valuable (and fun) the couponing world is.  Now, I’m looking at this 53% savings and wrinkling my nose up at it.  But hey…. it does weigh a lot! woohoo! What?! take a look at the first trip for a better savings %


Here’s what we bought for $88.22  – saving 53% off retail