Get 200 FREE Points from Mothers Day Kelloggs Family Rewards Codes ~ Hurry!

Get 200 FREE Points from Mothers Day Kelloggs Family Rewards Codes ~ Hurry!


Get Your Free 200 Points ~ Enter the Mothers Day Kelloggs Family Rewards Codes

Update: The Mother’s Day and poptart codes have expired, but be sure to check the list below to make sure you get the free codes that are still valid! In case you didn’t see these in your email, I want to remind you to get your free reward points. Enter the Mothers Day Kelloggs Family Rewards codes and get 200 extra points while you can. It’s hard to tell how long these last. I know the Easter codes were only good for 3 days after the holiday so don’t put this one off. Just enter the code WELOVEMOTHERSDAY to add the extra 100 points to your balance and another 100 with CELEBRATEMOTHERS! There’s also a new POPTARTSDOWNLOAD worth 25 points you may not have yet!

There have been a ton of sales on Kellogg’s products lately and the coupon rewards have come in handy! Hopefully everyone has been taking advantage of all the Kelloggs Family Rewards Free Points Codes! Some of these have even give you up to 1000 points in the past which can get you the highest value coupons! We’ve scored almost free cereal and free Eggos and Rice krispie treats because of the rewards coupons!

If you haven’t joined the program yet, it’s not too late to enter the Mothers Day Kelloggs Family Rewards Codes. You just need to sign up and create your account. You can get points by entering in the codes found inside the products you buy that show the Family Rewards logo. Be sure to take a look at the bonuses offered too. They offer extra point bonuses for entering codes from certain products. Right now you can earn 1000 points for entering 5 codes from inside Kellogg’s cereal boxes through 5/31!

Mothers Day Kelloggs Family Rewards Codes

In addition to the product codes you already have in your pantry, you can get started with the Kelloggs Family Rewards Free Points Codes listed below. I have listed some that I believe to be active but the Mothers Day codes could expire any time! Make sure to grab the points while you can. If you have been receiving your KFR emails, make sure to review those as well. There have been a ton of points we’ve earned from codes listed in our emails, including sweepstakes codes that still give you points added to your total. Those are personal codes good for one person, unlike those listed below.

  • CELEBRATEMOTHERS – 100 points
  • WELOVEMOTHERSDAY – 100 points
  • POPTARTSDOWNLOAD – 25 points
  • AMAZINGSPIDERMAN – 20 points
  • SPIDEYEXCITEMENT – 20 points
  • HOLLYJOLLYCOSTCO – 50 points
  • SPRINGONTHECOLOR – 20 points
  • EARNGREATREWARDS – 20 points
  • KFRSHARETHANKS20 – 20 points
  • EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points
  • GIFTOFMUSICBONUS – 20 points
  • HOWITWORKS20PNTS – 20 points
  • KELLOGGSFREEBOOK – 50 points
  • GREATSTARTSBONUS – 20 points
  • GRAINSDAIRYFRUIT – 50 points

If you find any of these to be expired, let us know in the comments! If you got here by a google search, be sure you are checking our latest KFR post for the last updated list we posted