Fresh Garlic Butter ~ Homemade Handy Kitchen Tip

Fresh Garlic Butter ~ Homemade Handy Kitchen Tip

Fresh Garlic ButterKeep Fresh Garlic Butter On Hand ~
Easy Way To Make and Store

You can’t beat homemade! Fresh garlic butter comes in handy and is so simple to make and easy to store. It will leave you wondering why you haven’t always done it this way! This handy tip will take very little time to prepare and will be on hand at all times for that recipe or garlic toast you want to whip up for a quick snack or meal. It’s great for those recipes that call for a tablespoon of butter and minced garlic. It’s great spread on split rolls or bread and then toasted in the oven for a few minutes to serve with dinner. I like it  on toast or a warm roll as a snack. It would have been delicious added in to these roasted Pumpkin seeds or an easy substitute in this Pizza Dough Garlic Roll recipe!

Fresh Garlic Butter

The best part is that butter spreads are constantly on sale so you are almost always guaranteed to find a sale and a coupon in the coupon database to get a tub of some brand for next to nothing!

To make fresh garlic butter you’ll need:

Any resealable tub of butter spread,
6 – 12 Fresh garlic cloves, minced (depends on your level of garlic love)

Peel and mince garlic cloves, mix into the tub of soft butter spread. Cover and keep in the refrigerator and use as needed. That’s all there is to keeping some fresh garlic butter on hand. This will save time when you need it. The flavor will also absorb into the butter as it is stored.

Important: Be sure the container is well labeled with a sharpie so you or an unexpecting family member doesn’t put garlic butter on the raisin bread in the morning!