Freedom to be Spontaneous ~ This Couple Gets Personal

Freedom to be Spontaneous ~ This Couple Gets Personal

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Freedom to be Spontaneous

Slip Into Something More Comfortable~ The Freedom to be Spontaneous With K-Y® Liquibeads

This is for all those couples who have misplaced that freedom to be spontaneous. If you’re in a longterm relationship, you’re bound to need a little outside assistance eventually to help keep things flowing smoothly.  I always love a chance to change gears and touch on the “couple” part of our title. Tommy and I have been married for almost a quarter century now and I love and respect him more than I could ever put into words. He’s my best friend and seriously knows me better than I know myself. We’ve come a long way from that carefree young couple with unlimited freedom to be spontaneous and who thought they knew everything. Back then we were positive that love was the only ingredient needed for a perfect marriage … in or out of the bedroom. (insert chuckle break here!)


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 Oh those poor poor naive kids! Thank goodness they adapted their views as they experienced real life and realized that marriage is a whole well balanced meal and not just a dessert! It takes patience, understanding, trust, forgiveness, and I could go on here but you get the picture. If you’ve been reading our blog for a while or watched any of our couponing trip videos, then you’ve probably gotten a sense of our sarcastic and quirky friendship. We do have a great time with each other whether it’s poking fun at one another or ..well…other stuff. Our friendship is one of the reasons our marriage is a long lasting one but intimacy is another. Now here’s where this post starts sliding a little more toward the sexy side of things so if you don’t want to know about personal lubricant and how to get back that freedom to be spontaneous, now’s your chance to click on one of the other menu items at the top of the page. This topic is a bit hotter than the latest store deal.

Freedom to be Spontaneous

Soooo..back to intimacy. It’s more than just physical. It’s amazing what a simple hand touch on his face or hearing him call me baby will do for the well being of our relationship. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been locked in a bear hug in the kitchen and been told to get a room. We have intimate conversations and stolen mushy moments, sure. All those sweet loving moments are very important, BUT …I’m just gonna lay it all out there and say… .the physical intimacy part of being a long-term couple plays a big part in our connection. That’s our time to fully and completely concentrate on each other. Unfortunately, we never know when that might happen…

Back in the first couple years of marriage, intimate moments were easy and abundant. A long back massage in front of the fire place any night of the week was a possibility and would most certainly not be the only event for the evening. Acting on each others affection in any room at any time was not out of question. We were young, had a lot of alone time, and a lot less responsibility. Isn’t it funny how you take for granted the natural responses of your body when everything is running smoothly? My body more than cooperated when an opportunity popped up.  (see what I did there?) That freedom to be spontaneous… to just be together when the mood strikes, gets more challenging as the years go by. As I’ve gotten older, well, lets just say sometimes the slippery when wet sign is nowhere to be seen. That unexpected quickie before the kids get home or the 30 minutes before the clothes are ready to go from the washer to the dryer just doesn’t go as smoothly as it does in my mind or in that romance novel. We’re more like a 30 minute romantic comedy. Shave even more time off of that because in our hurry, my earring will get caught in my sweater or the phone will ring and foreplay has turned into listening to my mother leaving a message on the answering machine. That romance novel scenario rarely plays out. I’ve never read “He whisks her off her feet , gently kisses her a carries her to the bedroom… making a quick stop to grab the lube from the cabinet in case of vaginal dryness”.

Let’s be honest, vaginal dryness is uncomfortable to talk about but even more uncomfortable to deal with when it happens. It can also leave your partner feeling like he failed the mission when it’s not the case at all.  No matter how connected and into the moment we are, it can still happen. When I heard about K-Y® Liquibeads I was intrigued. It sparked my interest. We have enough going on in our lives that make it difficult to grab an intimate moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re ready to go when you do get the chance?

Freedom to be Spontaneous

There are so many possible reasons for dryness. After children, as we age, or as the action becomes intense, sometimes our own natural personal lubricant dries up a little bit. It’s OK and it’s normal but it doesn’t mean we have to accept it. No woman wants to make her man feel like he isn’t doing it for her, especially when he IS. It’s just that sometimes our bodies can’t keep up with our hearts, which is where K-Y® Liquibeads come in. They ensure that when the mood strikes, you’re ready, and your body is willing. The idea is to simulate the natural moisture your body creates and to allow you the freedom to be spontaneous. K-Y® Liquibeads are inserted once every few days so that when the mood strikes, your body is ready to go without needing extra, messy lubricants. One less thing to worry about in our busy and stressful lives. Love that idea! (I should mention here that women who are pregnant or nursing should consult a doctor before using.)

Freedom to be Spontaneous

Find KY Liquibeads in the Family Planning Aisle at Walgreen’s

Ladies, don’t assume you have to keep this as your little secret. Your husband will probably be pretty darn excited too (about the K-Y® Liquibeads or whatever stray thoughts go through his head when you mention them). I told Tommy about these and he got so excited that he ran down to Walgreens (after printing the  coupon of course) and found them among the other packages of personal lubricant in the family planning aisle. He’s well acquainted with this aisle since the tampons and pads are at the end of the same aisle and he’s bought more feminine hygiene products for me than I have.

I’d love to end this by telling you we’ll post an update to let you know how it goes, but that’s probably not going to happen. You’ll just have to watch our posts and videos to see if there is more spring in our step. Good night. Have fun! And we hope all you old married couples out there reclaim your freedom to be spontaneous!

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