Free Personalized Ecards or JibJab Videos for Halloween (or other special days)

Free Personalized Ecards or JibJab Videos for Halloween (or other special days)


If Your Friends and Family are Online ~ Send Free Personalized Ecards or JibJab Videos

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I just browsed through the JibJab site and spent way too much time again!  I saw several freebies and wanted to share.  This is my favorite site for cards in this new techie age! Take a look through the free personalized ecards or JibJab Videos and enjoy! I actually couldn’t resist signing up for the paid version a while back since it’s only $1 per month for unlimited access to all their cards and videos.  If you think about the price of the cards and stamps, this is well worth it if your friends and family are online.  You can send these by email or post to their Facebook page… or you can just play with the videos for some cheap entertainment. They always have some free ecards and videos available though!

I found a few cute freebies for Halloween including this one.


I easily added some pictures of a few family  members and voila… a free personalized funny video to upload to Facebook and make my family and friends laugh along with me! (my hubby told me to put my mothers face on the witch.. so mom, if you’re reading this .. sorry! )


Warning: Don’t play around with the non- free JibJab videos or you just might end up joining for the $12 annual fee (it is so much fun).  You’re able to preview and personalize most of these for free but not be able to save them. After a couple you’ll be addicted, see way too many that you just have to show to others, and you’ll end up joining anyway like I did. It’s a great price but I just wanted to be able to say I told you so! lol


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