FREE Lindor Chocolate Facebook Coupon to use at CVS

FREE Lindor Chocolate Facebook Coupon Still Available!

Free Lindor Chocolate

 The Free Lindor Chocolate Coupon is still available! If you haven’t printed your two copies yet then you’ll want to hurry and print them. I’m sure they won’t last too much longer!

 Just ‘like’ the Lindt Chocolate USA Facebook page  and get your coupon for a free bag of Lindt Lindor Chocolate 6oz or less.  I posted about this a few days ago and I’m surprised it’s still available!  

Free Lindor Choc


Some people have asked where to use the Free Lindor Chocolate coupons. Since Walmart and Target don’t take internet printed coupons for free items you will not be able to use them there. 


I found these at CVS and they DO take the coupons!  


The downside is that the max value of the coupon is $3.99.  CVS has these for $4.99 each or $4.50 each when you buy more than one.  That means that they aren’t free, but they’re still a great price!

Buy 2 bags @ $4.50 each – Use 2 Facebook coupons for a complimentary bag of Lindor Chocolate (max value $3.99) and get the chocolate for $0.51 each!