FREE JibJab Ecards and Videos ~ New Santa's Twerk Shop JibJab Video

FREE JibJab Ecards and Videos ~ New Santa’s Twerk Shop JibJab Video

FREE JibJab Ecards

Get Your Family & Friends Twerking In This FREE JibJab Ecards and Videos From JibJab

Update 12/2019: JibJab’s Santa’s Twerk Shop is no longer a FREE JibJab but a subscription is worth every penny in my opinion! Right now you save 50% off of the App Price with an Annual subscription price! Pay just $24 per year to send Unlimited JibJab ecards! That is just $2.00 per month!

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I love when I get to post about another FREE JibJab Video that becomes available! I never thought I’d see my mom and mother-in-law “twerking” but  I loved personalizing the new JibJab FREE Santa’s Twerk Shop holiday video !  Everyone’s twerking! I couldn’t “twerk” in real life or someone would offer to take me to the hospital so this video is as close as it gets. hehe  You can make your own by uploading and outlining the faces of the pictures of family members (or use their Facebook pictures). On any of the free jibjab ecards or free video items, you can personalize and then email or upload to you Facebook wall or a friends wall.

I obviously love all the free JibJab ecards  but the personalized videos that JibJab comes up with are always so much fun to make.  I posted my creation to Facebook and tagged everyone in it so they could have a little giggle too! Here’s a snapshot of all of us in the Santa’s Twerk Shop video I made.

FREE JibJab Ecards

I always try to point out the jibjab free stuff, but you can always play around with the members only videos. There’s no charge to play and watch a snippit of them.  If you want the full version of all the videos, it’s $1 per month for unlimited access to all the free jib jab items AND the members only videos.  If you have plenty of friends and family on Facebook or with email addresses, you can certainly get your money’s worth from these or you can just watch for the JibJab FREE ecards and videos when those come up. Nothin wrong with taking advantage of the free ones! I did that for a while until I became a JibJab addict!

Here’s a snapshot of the members only one I made this morning of Tommy, myself and our moms doing the Macareindeer! Eventually I’ll get to the laundry… but there’s a few more videos I want to make first! I have my priorities. (Warning, these JibJab videos are highly addictive and may be hazardous to your time management! )


Have fun personalizing the FREE twerking video and take a browse through some of the free JibJab ecards as well.  They have ecards for all occasions and plenty of “just because” cards so you don’t necessarily have to have a special holiday reason to put a little smile on someones face!

Here’s another example of a free JibJab video we made of us and some of the gang at  The Can-Can video is one of those that have remained as a JibJab free video for while now and it’s adorable!

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