Feeding America Donation ~ Twice the Impact for Kids

Feeding America Donation ~ Twice the Impact for Kids this Summer!

Feeding America Donation

Help Millions of Kids this Summer ~ Consider a Feeding America Donation

The millions of children that rely on free or reduced price school lunch programs will be without that support once the summer break starts. We always increase our donations for school breaks because of the added burden of families losing the school meal benefit. We were excited to see a matching grant at Feeding America. If you have been looking for a way to help, consider a Feeding America Donation. This is a great time to donate. Not only is it urgently needed at this time of year, but every dollar you give will have twice the impact. PwC Charitable Foundation is currently matching every dollar donated, so your donation will go twice as far!

For every $1 of your Feeding America donation, 18 meals are distributed. Amazing, huh? Every little bit counts! Nearly 14 million children are extimated to be served by Feeding America!

Those of you who’d like to do something similar to our Donation Box can use the food bank locator on the Feeding America Donation site. Whether you donate through a monetary donation or you donate food you’ve purchased, it’s all important to someone! Summers are difficult on many families, so consider doing a little something extra now. It doesn’t have to be much!