Febreze Plug Warmer - EASY FREEBIE at Kroger!

Febreze Plug Warmer – EASY FREEBIE at Kroger!

Febreze Plug Warmer

Febreze Plug Warmer – FREEBIE at Kroger!

If you are headed to Kroger, you can get an easy freebie on a Febreze Plug Warmer! This deal is so easy! All you have to do is add the digital coupon to your account! That’s it! Head to Kroger to buy it and enter your account at checkout! That’s it! A freebie!(see easy to follow details at the bottom of this post.)

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About the product

From kids’ sports gear to your dog’s favorite slobbery toy, your home is full of hidden stinks. With a Febreze Fade Defy PLUG Air Freshener, you can eliminate odors with a continuous fresh scent. While other pluggable air fresheners fade quickly, the Fade Defy PLUG is true to its name, and keeps its fresh scent for a full 50 days on low. And when it’s time for a refill, this automatic air freshener will let you know with a handy low-level indicator light, so you can pick up your fave scent or switch it up.

Ready to hit refresh in your home and be an A+ odor eliminator? Just plug the warmer into any outlet (they’ll even rotate if your outlet is upside down) in any high-traffic area of your home… the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else odors like to linger. Looking for an instant burst of fresh on funky fabrics? Give Febreze Fabric Refresher a try.

Here is the deal for this Plug Warmer valid thru 3/19/21

Buy (1) Febreze Plug Warmer @ $2.99 each 

Final price: FREE

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