The Donation Box - 8/25/12

The Donation Box – 8/25/12


Our weekly donation box ended up being boxES today with all the peanut butter, shampoo, cereal and Betty Crocker potatoes taking up  so much room and we actually had to unload at the Co-op Ministries today so we would have another box to use for next week. Couponing has opened up such a great opportunity for us to help others!  Not only do we enjoy the feeling of doing a small part to help, we are definitely enjoying the changes we’re seeing in the boys!


Dylan went with us carrying a new toy to drop off because he wanted to make a donation too!  The folks at the Co-op are always appreciative of any donations but they were super excited about Dylan’s donation and shook his hand which he talked about all the way home! I think he may be joining our regular Saturday morning trip of his own free will now! He’s already trying to figure out what he wants to do for next week!!    Cool


  The people at the Co-op are always fabulous and today there was a great turnout of donations so everyone was scurrying around but still had time to welcome Dylan!

 For all you couponers out there (whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro) there are always great donation opportunities with the great deals and freebies that show up each week and there are always people that can use our help and are gratetful for the little extra time it took to add a few things to your shopping list.  If you’re not sure where you can donate locally, look up donation/charities for your area on the web or try asking at some of your local churches!

Here’s the contents of  our donation box this week…

Betty crocker potato 9
Pnut butter 8
mouthwash 2
GM Cereal 4
Mayo 1
Kids body wash 4
Shampoo 6
Conditioner 7
Bugles (snacks) 3
Chex Mix 1
Panty liners 8
Razor 12 pks 4
Crayon 24 ct 3
pencils 10ct 3
pencil box 1
folders 8

If you’re not familiar with “The Donation Box”, this is a box we decided to keep in a corner of the house that we add items to throughout the week, mostly from recent shopping trip deals but sometimes from the stockpile we created since we started couponing. We deliver the box to the Local Co-op Ministries each Saturday.