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Daisy Red Ryder – A Christmas Poem (Reposting Because We Love Our Story!)

‘Twas Two Months Before Christmas
Daisy Red Ryder Poem

The Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun has been on my youngest son’s wish list for years. Just like little Ralphie in the movie A Christmas Story , his pleas have always been met with a “No, you’ll shoot your eye out!” Of course, my son has not asked for an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model BB rifle with a compass in the stock (that’s fictional for the movie), but despite the large selection of Daisy Outdoor Products ,  he did ask for a Red Ryder BB gun  over and over… and over again! 

Daisy Outdoor Products

The recommended minimum age for this is 10 years old.  My wife and I agreed that at that age he would be old enough to fully understand the gun safety rules and that’s what we told him all those years ago. He has a memory like an elephant and guess how old he is now! 

Someone may have planned a surprise for Ralphie Dylan!


   Here’s our Christmas Story (written 10/2012)

Twas two months before Christmas
And our youngest, now 10,
Was counting down days
For that happy night when 
He’ll unwrap the gift
From Santa and crew
That for years he’s been way
Too young to accrue.
Daisy Red Ryder
He’s watched in years past
As big brother would pack
His Daisy Red Ryder
And afternoon snack

Daisy BB Gun

And off to the targets
He’d go with a smile
While the little guy pouted
And cried for a while.
Daisy BB Gun
But now that he’s older
He just will not rest
‘Til he’s shooting one
(After the gun safety test).
Two months to go
And I’m playing dumb
As the little guy scours
The house ’til he’s numb.

Daisy Outdoor Products    

BB Gun   Red Ryder BB Gun BB Gun   Daisy Red Ryder
Unknown to him
I had shopped for the gift.
There was quite a display
but my choice  was swift .
Daisy Red Ryder Shopping   
BB Gun
There on the shelf
In all of its glory
Was Daisy , the brand
In A Christmas Story!
Daisy BB Gun Daisy Outdoor Products
 I carried the box
to the counter with glee
and smiled as I handed
the clerk a small fee.
Such a small price
To bring so much joy
To one very sweet
Ten year old  boy.
Daisy RedRyder BB Gun    Daisy Red Ryder
My challenge was getting
Inside undetected.
In stealth mode I crept
With the gift I’d selected.
BB Gun
But I was no match
For those 10 year old ears.
As I reached for the door
My youngest appeared!
Daisy Gun
I made up an errand
And sent him next door
Then I hurried upstairs
To my bedroom floor.


Red Ryder Daisy BB Gun

  Daisy Red Ryder

I wrapped it as fast
As I possibly could
But not nearly as neatly
As his mamma would!
  Wrapping BB Gun Wrapping Daisy Red Ryder  
Then downstairs I went
And the present I handed 
To mom for the hiding
As this gift demanded.
bb gun handoff Daisy Red Ryder
I met him as he entered
The house, puzzled now.
   Then he stared as one drop
Of sweat hit my brow.
Red Ryder Christmas Story
I know he for sure
Saw the guilt on my face. 
He knew I was hiding
A secret some place!
Daisy Red Ryder Christmas Daisy BB gun Christmas
But I maintained composure.
I didn’t give in
As I struggled to hide
A very huge grin !
Daisy BB Gun hiding    Hiding Daisy Gun
He’s been looking in closets
(Mom’s the best hider)
For a package the size of
Daisy Red Ryder .
Daisy Red Ryder
Daisy Red Ryder  
  How can we torture
Our sweet child to tears
When he’s been waiting for this
For so many years?
    Sad no Red Ryder
He thinks we’ve forgotten
It’s time for his gun
This torture will end in
Oh so much fun
He’ll rip off the wrapping
Of the so long forbidden
Daisy Red Ryder , but for now
It stays hidden.  

Somehow, I really managed to keep him from seeing the present through all that!  I am so excited that Dylan will finally be getting his very own Daisy Red Ryder for Christmas.  He will be thrilled to finally be able to go shooting with his older brother.  I may even have to go shopping again and buy one for myself so I can join in the fun!  Big kids with gray hair like Daisy  Outdoor Products just as much as other kids!  If you want to see all the details of my shopping trip just visit my google+ page.