Funny Cottonelle Video, Cottonelle Flushable Wipes + Bathroom Hygiene

Funny Cottonelle Video ~ Family Meeting, Yes We’re Talking About Wiping Our Butts

Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes
Funny Cottonelle Video Family Meeting

Check out our Funny Cottonelle Video where we show our very productive family meeting. It’s not everyday that we talk about our bathroom hygiene but I found that the Cottonelle Clean Care campaign has recently paved the path to talk about this “taboo” subject while promoting their Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes. This was even a topic of conversation on  “The Talk” . If they can talk about it then so can I… so YES, we’re talking about wiping our butts today!  “Wipe” is a very clean four letter word.

Funny Cottonelle Video

I have always (secretly) had some sort of wipes available in my bathroom ever since the boys were little. I know some of you moms are nodding your heads. You have those baby wipes in the house to get your little guys bottom clean anyway so why not wash up after your number two too? You keep that little hidden stash of them in your private bathroom for when the dry paper just doesn’t feel like enough. Then you have to figure out how to discretely dispose of the moist wipe since it can’t be flushed, right? Of course, this is all in secret because you’re grown and grown people don’t use moist wipes. (Either I’ve hit it right on with many of you or I’ve just divulged way more information about myself than you wanted to know.)

Is being clean less important as we grow up? Of course not! In my opinion, it makes perfect sense for flushable moist wipes to own it’s own real estate in your bathroom right along side the dry bathroom tissue.  After all, we don’t clean other things without a little moisture.

When I read on the Cottonelle Facebook page about Walmart’s exclusive deal where you buy a 24-pack of Cottonelle Clean Care and receive a FREE Fresh Care dispenser, I decided to take advantage of the promotion and buy ample supplies for the family. Why should I be the only one with a clean happy bottom in the family? (checkout our Funny Cottonelle Video from our family meeting or you can see my entire Walmart shopping trip experience on Google+.(find more Cottonelle coupons and Cottonelle deals)

Funny Cottonelle Video

Since then I have strategically placed some Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes in each bathroom of the house.

Funny Cottonelle Video

It has sparked some interesting dialogue between my husband and me but I decided to have a short funny Cottonelle Video family meeting about these just so everyone in the family knew they were there to use. My family meeting was a little shorter than I had planned and not everyone was really as willing to discuss the topic as I was. Here’s a little Funny Cottonelle Video clip of the family meeting. 

Obviously, not everyone is ready to talk about their bathroom hygiene and that’s ok,, it made for a funny Cottonelle Video you have to admit! Despite their reactions to my attempt at a butt wiping dialogue, I know my family is aware of them now. I’ve peeked everyone’s curiosity and since the Cottonelle Fresh Care moist wipes are flush-able, they can use them and then get rid of the evidence right along with the “normal” dry paper they used first.  No one needs to know and we don’t have to talk about it. 

Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed publicly discussing the wiping of our bottoms in this funny Cottonelle Video, I must admit that I have also found some less traditional uses for our Cottonelle Fresh Care Moist Wipes.  I’ve listed my top 5 uses for these moist wipes below.

  1. Bathroom hygiene  – Obviously after the discussion above, I suggest using this as an addition to your routine after wiping with dry paper.
  2. Bug squishing – Let’s face it, when you squish the bug you want to wipe up the remnants and flush it down the toilet with no chance of that squiggly thing finding it’s way back into your house.
  3. Pet cleaning – Imagine a wet rainy day and your animals are just coming inside after deciding to walk through the mud or they found something undesirable outside to “play” with. Grab a wipe and run it across their feet or snout or whatever little sludge you don’t want them tracking in. Of course, if they are covered in it then obviously they need more than a moist wipe!
  4. Shoe cleaner – Drip something on your leather shoe or realize you shoes are a little dingy as you are running out the door? Maybe one of the kids (or you) managed to find some mud, sticky goo or even dog poo to step in on their way inside? Use a moist wipe to clean off the undesirable and you can then flush it (especially if it was dog poo).
  5. Car/Travel “anything” wipes – Keep a pack of these in your car or a small travel pack in your purse or bag.  These could come in handy for messy faces, sticky hands, an accidental spill, a public bathroom stop (I seem to always find the stall that’s out of paper) or any of the first 4 items while you’re on the go!

Admit it! You can’t really argue with the logic, can you?

What’s your opinion of Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes and/or our Funny Cottonelle Video?
Have you tried them or do you plan to?
Do you use them strictly in the bathroom or do you have other creative uses to share?