Costa Rica Surfing and Sunset plus a Scorpion ~ Day 8 Christmas Day

Costa Rica Surfing and Sunset plus a Scorpion ~ Day 8 Christmas Day in Santa Teresa

Costa Rica Surfing and Sunset

Santa Teresa Costa Rica Surfing and Sunset Day 8 ~ Xmas Day

We had an eventful Christmas day in addition to our Costa Rica surfing and sunset activities. Our oldest son and his friend decided to rent a quad for a day and go exploring.

Costa Rica Surfing and SunsetThey had to delay their trip for an hour later than planned.  Apparently a scorpion had crawled into the friends shoe and he didn’t notice until he was about to get on the quad.  The scorpion got tired of sharing his shoe with a foot and made it’s presence known. I’m not expert on scorpions, but apparently the ones around the Santa Teresa area are not deadly.  Once the shoe and sock flew off, the scorpion was bombarded with a rock so it’s short ride in the shoe was not good for it’s health. It did take a little while for the pain to subside after the sting, but once it did the boys were on their way. Just a word of advice.  If you vacation in Costa Rica, be sure to check your shoes before you put them on. This is our third trip to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We have never seen a scorpion until now, but as a precautionary measure I advise not blindly sticking your foot into your shoe.

Costa Rica scorpion
After the excitement died down from the scorpion and the boys left to explore, Tommy and our youngest son enjoyed another day surfing in Costa Rica.  They both caught some waves and had a great time.

Costa Rica Surfing and Sunset
In the evening, I sat at the Rocamar beach lounge enjoying my passion fruit smoothie with a little rum and watched another amazing sunset. Be sure to check out our other Costa Rica Sunset pictures.  Every sunset here has been beautiful!


We ended the evening with an amazing Christmas dinner at Al Chile Viola. We love this restaurant. The food is delicious and the owners and staff are friendly. The atmosphere is very nice and on many nights you can listen to some live music while you eat some amazing food. We have eaten there more than once per trip for all three trips. There’s never been a disappointing meal! We were so absorbed in the great dinner that we forgot to take any pictures. We had good intentions but perhaps the avacado margaritas got the best of us. Wink