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Coffee Maker and 4 bags of coffee for $9.99 – Our Personal Experience

We received our coffee maker from Gevalia!

Gevalia has been offering a coffee maker and 4 bags of coffee or tea for $9.99 with sign up for their auto delivery.  Since we’ve seen similar bags of coffee priced for $5.99 – $6.99 each  and it also said you could cancel the auto delivery at any time, we elected to order the deal to see how it went. (Note: It looks like they have changed the coffee maker since our order.)



 About a week after signing up we received our Gevalia package and decided to unpack it and give you all a peek at our order and experience!

Free Coffee

 We received the package, and everything was safely packed together in one Gevalia box.


A wor d of warnin g …      you may have packing peanuts everywhere when trying to  get your items out of the box!




We finally found all 4 boxes of coffee buried in the mound of packing peanuts.  They certainly made sure this was packed safely for shipping!



When we initially ordered the Gevalia Coffee deal we were able to pick the kinds of coffee we wanted from a very large list of options. We picked our favorites and that’s exactly what we received!  There were no substitutions or out of stock messages.  We received the exact order!



The coffee maker was well packed and in perfect shape! The coffee maker is not the highest quality for heavy coffee drinkers like us but would make a great addition to a dorm room or vacation house or even a housewarming gift for the occasional coffee or tea drinkers.

We originally had to sign up for auto delivery in order to get our free coffee maker and 4 packs of coffee for the $9.99.  They gave us an option of how many weeks out to set for the next delivery date so we selected the maximum to give us time to get the first order and inspect it.  

We are not big fans of  auto delivery for anything.  As soon as we received our package we cancelled the automatic order.

There was absolutely no hassle!  We just logged into the account we had set up and clicked the cancel order button. We received the following message giving us an option to either change our minds or cancel this order and all future shipments. 


After cancelling the auto shipment, we can still log in to our account and create an order if we’d like. 

This deal couldn’t have gone any smoother for us!


Did you get the Gevalia deal?  

Leave a comment and tell us about your experience!