Coco Rolls Coconut Wafers ~ Sale + Rebate. Just $0.60 at Publix thru 5/24

Coco Rolls Coconut Wafers ~ Sale + Rebate. Just $0.60 at Publix thru 5/24

Sun Tropics Coco Rolls Coconut Wafers $0.60 at Publix

I was browsing Publix and noticed the Coco Rolls Coconut Wafers by Sun Tropics that are on sale 2/ $2.69 in the Green flyer. I have been eyeing these for a week or two wanting to try them.  It turns out there is a $0.75 rebate offer for these on ibotta. If you’ve been wanting to try them, $0.60 is a great price. These salted caramel Coco Rolls look so yummy!


Rolled coconut wafers. Gluten free. Dairy free. Non-GMO ingredients. Made with coconut milk and coconut sugar. Simple ingredients. Baked to perfection. Our family believes that the true taste of the tropics comes from the whole, natural foods that grow there. That’s why each batch of Sun Tropics Coco Rolls is carefully crafted with wholesome ingredients & sweetened with pure coconut.

Sun Tropics is a family-owned company committed to transforming global childhood favorites, tropical fruit, and authentic street food into shareable snacks and beverages with adventurous flavors.

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