Cheap Checks - ONLY $8.85 for 2 Boxes Shipped!

Cheap Checks – ONLY $8.85 for 2 Boxes Shipped!

CHEAP Checks
$8.85 Shipped for 2 Boxes!

I love this deal on CHEAP CHECKS! I know many people hardly use checks anymore but you do need to have some for your checking account! Make sure you don’t run low on checks.  Are you ready for an awesome deal on checks? My bank quoted a price of $29.90 for 2 boxes of checks and that is way too much money for me to spend on something like checks. So I ordered checks from Artistic Checks and they are awesome! Great price plus they look great too! You can get cute, fancy, or even personal photo checks! They have some awesome options!

Don’t forget– sending a check to someone for gifts is always welcome so make sure you have plenty of checks! I actually tend to use mostly checks for gifts and for school fees.

Right now, you can head over to Artistic Checks to get 2 boxes of 4checks for only $8.85 + tax delivered! This even includes the premium checks and photo checks and more. Be sure to tell your friends and family about this great deal, too! This is super cheap for two boxes!!

Check out the deal below:

Choose your favorite checks from Artistic Checks– You can even choose photo checks and more!

  • Enter the code 24DD and update the pricing.
  • Pricing should be $4.95 for 2 boxes of single checks- You can get duplicate checks for $1.00 more
  • Make sure you don’t choose any of the added items (to keep your costs down)
  • Shipping/Handling is $3.90

Final price $8.85 (+tax, if necessary)

Order Checks Here!

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