The Donation Box

The Donation Box for 7/6/13 ~ Box-O-Pasta

  The Donation Box for 7-6 ~ I hope they like pasta! We bought quite a bit of pasta this week at a super discount.  We were already stocked up with a full shelf of pasta but we couldn’t pass up the chance to pick up some 7¢ boxes at Publix for the donation box.… Read more

The Donation Box for 6-29 ~ Enfamil, Mayo

  The Donation Box for 6-29 We were thrilled to be able to include so much baby formula in the donation box for 6-29. Each 6 pack ended up costing us $1 when we purchased it and we felt that with the high demand for this item it was just too good to pass up!… Read more

The Donation Box for 6-22

  The Donation Box for 6-22 ~ Time for BBQ’s and dental hygiene! The Donation Box for 6-22 was made up of several items that will come in handy for the bbq get-togethers on the 4th of July. At 18¢ a piece, we couldn’t pass up getting all the bbq sauce to donate plus we… Read more

The Donation Box 6-15

  The Donation Box rebound from last weeks failure! Well I did it! I managed to get this huge pile of stuff organized in the donation box.  I didn’t manage to get dressed to actually make the delivery so Tommy had to take it, but it is delivered! I was worried there was going to… Read more

The Donation Box ~ This weeks failure

  The Donation Box FAIL due to a very serious DODS diagnosis This morning I unfortunately was diagnosed with a very serious case of DODS so I was unable to fulfill our Saturday donation box deliver.  There is no known cure but I believe I can get this under control by next week. What is DODS? It’s… Read more

The Donation Box 6/1/13

  The Donation Box for 6/1/13 was a huge successful start to June! I so wish we could do a donation box like this every week! Between recent purchases and reorganizing our pantry, we came up with quite a hall.  I felt a little guilty making hubby take this by himself but by the time… Read more

More Ways to Help Moore ~ Support the Schools!

Looking for more ways to help Moore? Box Tops and book donations for schools! Last week I posted several ways to help Moore, Oklahoma after the devastating EF5 tornado plowed through on May 20, 2013. Since then, I have had several inquiries on how to help the schools and children specifically. As most of you… Read more

The Donation Box 5/25/13

  The Donation Box  for 5/25/13 There was much more to put in the donation box this week but I found myself a little scattered and disorganized. I am in the process of planning a re-org of my stockpile area and shelving and hubby is creating more shelving so all the groceries and items I… Read more

Moore Needs Our Help ~ Please Donate If You Can

After A Direct Hit By The Tornado, Moore Needs Our Help As most of you know, Moore needs our help. Moore Oklahoma was devastated by a EF5 tornado on May 20,2013.  This tornado was on the ground for almost 50 minutes and traveled through a heavily populated area of Moore killing dozens and injuring many more.… Read more

The Donation Box 5/11/13


 The Donation Box packs a punch… .. Hawaiian Punch that is!  We were able to get quite a few gallons for free at Publix in the last couple weeks with the coupons available so it was a no brainer for us to pick some up for the donation box this week.  Short of filling a… Read more