The Donation Box

The Donation Box for 12-13-14 | Odds n Ends

The Donation Box for 12-13-14 We had a few single items and some Enfagro samples we received to make The Donation Box for 12-13-14 so it’s a box of odds and ends, mostly from couponing at the drug stores. We did have several of the Combat in the stockpile that we had most likely gotten for free at Walmart… Read more

The Donation Box for 12-8-14

The Donation Box for 12-8-14 We did a quick gathering of these refrigerated items for The Donation Box for 12-8-14 while I was thinking about it. We kept forgetting to add these to the previous donations since they were in the fridge.. always out of site when gathering the donation items for delivery. It’s small but I… Read more

The Donation Box for 12-4-14 | Popcorn Party!

The Donation Box for 12-4-14 Despite the amount of popcorn that went into The Donation Box for 12-4-14 (and the previous donation boxes) we still have an abundance in our pantry. Some will travel off to college with our oldest with plenty saved for the middle school sleepovers that our youngest son will have. Adding the mayo was a nice treat… Read more

The Donation Box for 11-26-14 | Holiday Help

The Donation Box for 11-26-14 With the great sales and coupons on Campbell’s cream soups lately, we picked up some extra cans for The Donation Box for 11-26-14 which should come in handy for the holiday meals.We also figured that the juice boxes would come in handy while the kids have some days off from school.… Read more