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Shopping Trips

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Here’s a collection of all our Shopping Trips we’ve published. Click on any of the posts below to get the breakdown of prices and coupons used to achieve our max savings. We do have our favorite stores to coupon at (obviously) but occassionally we venture off to get some savings at other stores. You can narrow down the trips by store by clicking the links below.

AWESOME DEAL! Dollar General Shopping Trip Saturday 8-24-19!

AWESOME DEAL! Dollar General Shopping Trip Saturday 8-24-19! Here is a Dollar General Shopping Trip Saturday 8-24-19 that you won’t want to miss out on! Check out the breakdown below to get this awesome deal and stock up on laundry items. I did a similar deal this past Saturday but a couple of those deals… Read more

Publix Shopping Trip on 04-01-2019, Spent Under $5 for 17 items (breakdown)

Publix Shopping Trip on 04-01-2019 Here’s what we bought on our Publix Shopping Trip on 04-01-2019! We ended up saving about 89% on $39 worth of groceries. Retail price of the items would have been $39.20, but after sales, coupons, and rebates our cost was just $4.36. You can see the detailed breakdown of items and coupons at… Read more