Cheap Easy Recipes, Frugal Meals for Couponers

Cheap Easy Recipes

Easy Cheap Recipes, Frugal Meals

We love posting cheap easy recipes to go along with our coupon savings. Many of the ingredients are available in sales or popular coupon deals. We’ve separated all the cheap meal ideas into categories below.

You can browse through all the pages of the cheap easy recipes we love or you can use the links below to narrow down to specific types of frugal recipes and frugal meal ideas.

Each of these easy cheap recipes are not only separated into categories, but each frugal meal recipe contains a printable version at the bottom of that post.


A great tool to help plan your frugal meals is our deal search tool. You can look for deals on ingredients or additions that are on sale at your favorite stores! You can also search the weekly ad scans.

Remember, you can also order most ingredients on Prime pantry and get it delivered to your door. They also offer Amazon prime pantry coupons so don’t forget to clip those if you shop online! I know some of y’all have a long trip to a grocery store so that may be the cheapest way to make your frugal meals! Resist the temptation of picking up those impulse items!

Apple Banana Bread Recipe ~ Perfect Recipe for Over Ripe Bananas and Apples

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