Publix Weekly Ad Coupon Matchups

Publix Weekly Ad Coupon Matchups

Publix Weekly Ad Coupon Matchups!

You will find some helpful info on the tabs below as well as the history of our Publix Weekly Ad Coupon Matchups at the bottom of this page. These include the current Publix ad as well as past sales and often the upcoming ad preview! As you scroll down the Publix Weekly Ads pay attention to the date in the titles. Click “read more” below an excerpt to see the Publix coupon matchups for that ad date range. Remember, you are only seeing the weekly ad below. Go to the couponing at Publix category for more Publix related ads and topics.

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About Our Matchups

  • Our Publix Weekly Ad Coupon Matchups show each sale item followed by a list of potential coupons that could be used. We do not mean for all the listed coupons to be used. We list the possibilities so you will know where to look for coupons to achieve YOUR best scenario.
  • Since Publix allows you to stack store coupons with manufacturer coupons, we try to color code the coupons to make it easier. We show the store (or competitor) coupons in green text. We also try to make any rebate offers orange to make it easier to spot those extras. Manufacturer coupons are black text (insert q’s) or blue (links to printables)
  • Our ad matchups are done in a printable list. If making your shopping list, you can click the box next to the items you want added to your shopping list and when you’re done you can print it or email it to yourself.
  • We have added tabs to the Publix Weekly Ad Coupon Matchups to include the Purple and Green flyer sales for convenience.
  • We try to create direct links as much as possible for printable coupons to make it easier and quicker for you.
  • Original prices can vary slightly between regions, so your final price may not be exactly what we have listed for every item.
  • We may not create the matchup preview using the same area ad every week so prices can vary slightly between the matchups and our own shopping trips as well.
  • Although we do strive for accuracy in matching the coupons to the sale items,  we can make an error in our hurry to get this info to you. It is impossible for us to read every coupon every week so we urge you to also read and double check your coupons.
  • Hearts on items indicate those deals we consider exceptional prices.

Publix Couponing Basics

  • Some Publix Ads run from Thursday through Wednesday, others run Wednesday thru Tuesday. You need to check with your store(s) to see what your schedule is.
  • Publix will accept (1) manufacturer coupon and (1) store coupon (Publix or competitor) per item plus don’t forget to claim all your cash rebates, Publix BMHAH rewards and Publix Own Your rewards
  • Publix will accept up to 8 identical coupons unless the limit stated on the coupon is smaller. Publix policy does not override the requirements on manufacturer coupons.
  • Publix stores no longer double coupon values of 50¢ or less (except in a handful of stores where there is competition that doubles)
  • Publix allows the use of coupons on both items in a BOGO sale in all their stores. This does not change by area.
  • BOGO sales are treated two different ways depending on your area. In both cases, you get two items for the regular price of one so the cost per item averages the same but it does make a difference in whether you must buy an even number of items as well as the credit you would get when using a bogo coupon with the bogo sale.
    • True BOGO Areas (Florida and Some Carolina stores) – Publix bogo sales require both items to be purchased to get the deal in true bogo areas. One will be purchased at full price and the second will be credited to zero. You may still use a coupon for both the full price and the free items. If you use a bogo coupon with a bogo sale, the coupon credit will be the full price of the one you paid for so both items would be free.
    • Half Price BOGO Areas – Each item rings up half the original price so you are able to buy an odd number of items (or just one) and still get the sale. You can use a coupon on each item just like in true bogo areas, however, a bogo coupon will only give you a credit for the half price that each shows on the receipt when it’s rung up. In other words, a bogo coupon with a bogo sale does not end up with two free items in half price bogo areas. You still pay half the price of one for two items.
  • Each Publix store may impose it’s own limits on sale items in order to allocate stock to more customers. Ask at your store. Many have a purchase limit of 10 bogo sale items and others may have even smaller limits. The freedom of imposing limits is given to store management so this can vary from store to store. 
  • Publix takes competitor store coupons but each store determines its own list of specific competitors. Look for a list inside the entry of your store or ask your customer service department.
  • For additional help, review the Publix related topics below or read the Publix Coupon Policy they have posted on their website.