Can You Use Coupons on Target Gift Card Promotions

Can You Use Coupons on Target Gift Card Promotions ~ Target Policy Clarification

Can You Use Coupons on Target Gift Card Promotions

Can You Use Coupons on Target Gift Card Promotions? Here’s your answer…

Many of you have emailed us, commented, or posted in our Target Couponing Facebook Group that you heard of a policy change that will no longer allow coupons to be used on items that generate a gift card deal. We’ve seen the panic in hundreds of versions of this question: “Can You Use Coupons on Target Gift Card Promotions?” Many of you have been told, whether by Facebook friends, fellow couponers, or possibly even staff at your Target store that you could not use coupons on items that were part of a free gift card promotion. Some have been told it’s a new policy. Some have been told it’s an old policy that they are just now enforcing. Honestly, there is nothing anywhere in the Target Coupon Policy that addresses anything about the gift card promotions.  My guess is that somewhere, a manager decided they didn’t like all the freebies people were getting and made a rule and chalked it up to policy. Who knows.

Personally, we knew the answer but we know getting an answer from Target itself would hold more merit. So, we asked Target… Can You Use Coupons on Target Gift Card Promotions? After a couple emails back and forth with their reply being a standard canned answer directing me to their coupon policy or to customer service at my store, we received a direct answer on 10/18/14. Below is a screenshot of the email we received.

Can You Use Coupons on Target Gift Card Promotions

So there you have it. The answer to Can You Use Coupons on Target Gift Card Promotions is an absolutely YES. So if you spot a Buy 2 xyz products, get a $5 Target Gift Card deal, feel free to use your coupons on each of those xyz items. If you are told this is not allowed, call the number listed above and let your store get clarification from their own company.

One More Thing…

Another frequent issue is using a coupon when price matching so I just want to add this in. For those of you who have been told you cannot use any coupons when price matching a competitors ad, the answer to this one IS posted online but some of you may not be happy with this one. If you’ve been told that no coupons are allowed, then you will be happy to know that yes, you can use a manufacturer coupon on a price matched item. As for Target coupons or a Cartwheel discount, it’s a different answer. Their policy is to only match the price after applying those so basically, for our purposes of lowering the price further, it is not allowed. So just remember PM = only a manufacturer coupon. This confuses some store employees as well as couponers. I’ve heard people boast about their store allowing all the coupons. Yes, the employees should know their policy but let’s face it, they aren’t practicing it every day like we are. We do have a responsibility to follow their terms. After all, they don’t need to accept any of our coupons. This policy makes sense if you think about it. The Target coupon and cartwheel are two discounts on the item that you will not get at the store you are price matching (in most cases) but the manufacturer coupon is an additional discount you could get with their competitor.

coupon-when -price-matching-at-Target

Let’s all agree to follow the policy and get the best deals we can by couponing with our knowledge and our conscience!

Happy Couponing!