Best Use for Expired Coupons - Support Our US Military Families

Best Use for Expired Coupons ~ Don’t Throw Them Out! Support U.S. Military!

Best Use for Expired CouponsBenefiting Military Families is the Best Use for Expired Coupons!

We see this question a lot so we wanted to remind everyone where you can send your expired coupons! No matter how extreme a couponer you may (or may not) be, you will always have coupons that expire before you use them. Our readers ask (a lot) what they can do with those. Sure, you can recycle them or use them for wrapping paper. You might shred them for packing breakables in boxes or even use them to line a pet box.. but the best use for expired coupons is to benefit our military families overseas.

Best Use for Expired Coupons

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Did you know that overseas military members can use expired coupons up to six months past their expiration date? Military families stationed overseas often live on one income. Money is scarce. Let’s support our military by showing them some coupon love! Please join us in sending in your expired and unwanted coupons to one of their adopted families and/or bases.

They cannot use any store coupons such as Target, CVS, Publix etc. But if it states “manufacturer coupon” on it then it’s a go!

How many to send?

It doesn’t matter how many coupons you mail your family.  An envelope with 10 coupons is fine as is a box of coupons gathered from friends and family.  Just remember that EVERY coupon counts.  As far as mailing coupons, it costs the same to mail things to military bases overseas as it does here in the US.  For example, you can mail about 100 coupons in a plain white envelope using just 2 stamps (1 stamp will mail about 50 coupons).  If you have more than 300 or so coupons, the Flat Rate Priority Envelope from the post office will mail for $5.60 anywhere in the world.  If you mail something weighing more than 16 ounces or a box, you’ll need to spend a few extra minutes filling out a customs form. (It’s no big deal)

Why join ECOM?

When we say the best use for expired coupons is for our military families, we know there are many ways to contribute to them. We found that Operation ECOM is the easiest. Many sites give you addresses to send your clipped and sorted coupons to after you separate them into food/non food categories. For some of  us who don’t usually do that for our own use, that can be a lot of work. In many cases it gets sent to a middle man to get those to the final family who will benefit.

We personally like the options that ECOM offers and through them we have our own “adopted family” that we send directly to. You can also choose to send to one of their overseas military base volunteers who can distribute to the families as well. You can even send a one time mailing if that’s what you want to do.

 Here’s how to get started …

Please consider sending your expired coupons  to our Military families overseas. To get started, join the ECOM Facebook group” and then send a private message to the admins to let them know how many names/families you would like to send to.   She’ll get back to you via private message with a family and address. They have a lot of families on the waiting list! We can’t use the expired coupons but they sure can! I’m sure you’ll agree this is the best use for expired coupons!