Almost Free at Whole Foods ~ Coupon Stacking Trip 4/13/13

Almost Free at Whole Foods ~ Coupon Stacking Trip 4/13/13

Almost Free at Whole Foods – It cost us a dime.

 We don’t usually shop at Whole Foods since our Publix accepts their competitor coupons but we couldn’t pass up almost free at Whole Foods.  I posted about the great stacking opportunity the other day but I had to get some for myself!

I priced these at Publix just to be sure I couldn’t just stick with them but the Seeds of Change pouches were $3.59 at Publix. The Publix price was cheaper than Whole Foods’ regular price of $3.69 on these pouches but take a look at the assortment and prices I found.  Whole Foods has their boxes AND pouches priced at $2.99!

Almost Free at Wholefoods SeedsofChange_2

The Kit’s bars were a little higher than I had posted originally.  Instead of $1.39, they were $1.59 but combined with the slight overage on the rice, this trip was almost free!

One of the things I like about couponing at WholeFoods is that you only have to have one of the store coupons and they will ring it in as many times as products you are purchasing (save the trees). Let me also note here that had we brought in our reusable shopping bag and received the 10¢ discount that they give as an incentive to go green I could have change the title from Almost Free at Whole Foods to Completely Free. I’m just going to blame that one on Tommy because.. uh… well just because I can.

Here’s what we bought at Whole Foods…

$35.28 worth of groceries for 10¢

That’s 99.7% savings!

Almost Free at Whole Foods

This List Has Expired

Someone at Whole Foods said these rice dishes were delicious.  Have you tried these yet?

Coupon question