79¢ Kroger Trip on 8-17 ~ Shopping with a big kid!

79¢ Kroger Trip on 8-17 ~ Shopping with a big kid!

Moneymakers result in a 79¢ Kroger Trip on 8-17

We decided to take a quick run into Kroger to pick up our free items from our ecoupon free Friday downloads and pick up a few more great deals.  Our store rings up the coupons at face value so with these great overages we ended up with a 79¢ Kroger Trip on 8-17. We even decided to pick up some folders without coupons to make sure we had enough to cover the overages.  What a horrible problem to have, right? 

It was a bit gloomy outside and I was feeling less than cheerful as I browsed the isles and found that not everything on my list was there so Tommy decided to liven me up a bit.  I had to laugh as he rode the shopping cart up and down the isles like a big kid! The laughing made it difficult for my “I have no idea who you are” act which I thought I had learned to perfect over our 22 years of marriage! Wink I’m just greatful he didn’t jump up and down while clapping his hands and  yelling “Goody!” when the final total came up at the register!  I did manage to grab a picture of him racing up and down the isle on his shopping cart. Silly guy.  He did manage to liven me up… I’ll give him that.

IMG_1928 IMG_1930

I want to point out for those of you who haven’t yet picked up your free Cheeto snack from the 8/9 FREE Friday Download, you may have an ibotta offer for the Cheeto mixups so if you get those as your freebie with your ecoupon then it will be a 50¢ profit for you. We already got Mixups on a previous shopping trip and the big kid wanted puffs.


Here’s what we got in our 79¢ Kroger trip on 8-17 …

$53.52 worth of items for 79¢

That’s over 98% savings!