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Walgreens Shopping Trip on 11-17 ~ Loads of Laundry and Register Rewards!

Walgreens Shopping Trip on 11-17

Walgreens Shopping Trip on 11-17 ~ Loads of Laundry and Register Rewards!

I had a great Walgreens shopping trip on 11-17! It has been a few weeks since I did any shopping at Walgreens but I wanted to take advantage of the FREE Register Reward deals that I will be able to use over the “Black Friday” week sale! I also wanted to be able to pick up the CHEAP Purex laundry detergent with the B1G2 FREE sale! I did (2) separate transactions so that I could get all of the Register Rewards and all of the Candy which had a limit of (3) per transaction. You will find the full breakdown with all the coupons used at the bottom of this post!

Make sure and check out the full Walgreens Ad with Coupon matchups for 11/17-11/23 if you are still working on your list! Or you can just check out the Walgreens HOT Deals list for 11-17 to 11-23 (which is a list of just the “Best of the Best” deals). You can also check out all of the great deals at Walgreens.com.

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Here is a breakdown of our Walgreens shopping trip totals:

Walgreens Shopping Trip on 11-17

We saved 84% shopping at Walgreens this week!

This List Has Expired
Here's what we got at Walgreens this Week!

Did you go shopping at Walgreens this week or are you going? Leave us a comment and tell us how you did!


  • Jennifer Johnson Brown

    Great Deal on the Purex!

  • txhmgbrd

    well, if you need to know the sal de uvas works well, my hubbie just took one (the pizza we had for supper did not agree with him, lol). he said to get more if possible as it has a two year expiration date on it.

    • Thanks for the product review. It’s nice to hear from someone when we get a product for the first time! I did notice the exp date was a ways out so we’ll be keeping one of these!

    • Tito

      Is there a limit on these? I go thru anti acid alot?

      • I depends on your store.. but you need to do separate transactions for each one you buy to get the Register Rewards and make them FREE!

        • Tito

          Thank you

  • Kayla Shatley

    Will definitely be getting some Purex tomorrow! Washing clothes for 6 people uses it so fast!

    • Yikes… 6 people! I barely get through the laundry at our house with 4!

  • Mellie44

    I think I will have to do Wags trip this week I need some laundry and candy and cant wait for black friday sales…..

    • This is most definitely a great deal on the detergent! We’re thrilled when we see it for $1.99 so this is a stock up price most definitely!

  • Lori Davis

    This is a great shopping trip! I love Purex too, it’s good to see them have some deals!

    • Thanks Lori! The laundry detergent has been a stock up price several times. I can’t believe we use to pay full price for it!

  • Toni Porter

    I’ll have to swing by my Wags for the candy deal. I always tuck people’s favorite candy bars into stockings, and when I can get a good deal, even better!

  • Freethings Forme

    I noticed that Walgreens has this deal for the Purex usually every 6 weeks or so and I buy some. Even though I still have 6 bottles in the storage shed from the week both Walgreens and Rite Aid ran the same deal at the same time. Of course I got the max number of bottles allowed at both stores and stashed 6 bottles.

    • One think about stocking up on this.. it’s not going to go bad! If you have the storage then why not stack some at a great price!?

  • Liz Kurtz

    I work @ Walgreen’s so I should be paying more attention to their deals!

    • lol.. you should be telling US about them, right?!! That’s definitely some convenient shopping for you. Do you get some type of employee discount too? You could really save some money!!

      • Liz Kurtz

        I get .15% off and .20% off Wag products!! I just started this couponing thing not too long ago so I’m still getting the hang of it lol