Target Trip on 6-16 ~ stacking coupons, clearance, ibotta, & Cartwheel!

Target Trip on 6-16 ~ stacking coupons, clearance, ibotta, & Cartwheel!

Another Target Trip on 6-16 for cheap cheese and a desperately needed grill brush!

We got a pretty good price for some cheese during this Target trip on 6-16. Our goal was to get a new grill brush since his old one was looking very sad and there were very few bristles left on it…

 cartwheel_grillbrush grillbrush_retirement

Obviously from the picture, Tommy desperately needed a new grill brush which had a 25% cartwheel offer that was expiring so we decided to retire the old brush and get a new one at Target. While browsing we found some packages of cheese on clearance.  We used a couple coupons and a cartwheel but I was also excited to see that there was an $0.50 ibotta offer for the Frigo cheese and there was also a bonus  Father’s day ibotta offer if you redeemed an offer on Sunday! Even better news was I earned an additional $1 for the June Quick Start bonus so I ended up making $1.75 in ibotta for buying the Frigo clearance cheese! The three bags of cheese cost me $2.86 and we all know how hard it is to find cheap cheese!!



target trip on 6-16


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  • coupontammy

    I don’t go to Target very often because it is a bit of a drive. It looks like you did pretty well. I need to try to use more of my coupons at Target. Thanks for posting!