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Target Coupon Trip on 9-5 ~ Not Quite the Plan

Target Coupon Trip on 9-5


Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work ~ Like This Target Coupon Trip on 9-5

There are definitely times for everyone that the couponing doesn’t go according to plan and our Target coupon trip on 9-5 was one of those.  It’s not that the shopping or check out was unpleasant this time and we didn’t need to point out anything on our copy of the Target Coupon Policy that we always bring just in case. We had a super nice cashier that tried to get our deals to work but that darn Target Mobile wasn’t cooperating.

We texted “lunchbox” to 827438 and received some great coupons including $1 off fresh fruit purchase of $1+ and $1 off fresh vegetable purchase of $1+.  We bought the jalapeno’s and banana’s that were not much over the $1 but for some reason the $1 off fruit would not come off.  The one thing we didn’t try is voiding the banana’s off and ringing them up separately so that may have worked but at the time we could not tell which one of the $1 coupons it was. Now that we finished our transaction we can see it’s the veggie coupon that took.

Target Coupon Trip on 9-5

We did intend to get some Olay facial cleansing wipes with the $5/2 Olay mobile coupon and two of the $1.50/1 Olay Fresh Effects Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser mf coupon from the 9/1  P&G insert. The cleansing wipes were on sale for $3.94 so two would have been free but these did not register with the Target mobile either.  We just had the cashier void them from the transaction.  By this time we were so tired we didn’t even want to fool with trying a different order for the coupons. We scanned the mobile last this trip so it may have been a different scenario had we scanned that one first… in fact I’m pretty sure it would have been better to scan the mobile Q first. Have any of you been able to get the free Olay wipes to work?

The Windex price was significantly higher that we had planed. The cartwheel offer does not work on those and they were not $3.14 as we had planned but the $1.09 we paid was still a nice price for them. 

See… everyone has an off day. Our Target coupon trip on 9-5 was a perfect example of that! Shake it off and move on to the next deal!


Here’s the breakdown of what we purchased on our Target coupon trip on 9-5

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