Super Sale on Chicken Breasts - $0.99,/lb ORDER NOW before sell out

Sale on CHICKEN BREASTS! EVERYONE can Order 99 cent/lb NOW ’til sold out! Fall Delivery!

Sadly, Zaycon has suspended orders at this time. We are hoping that they overcome the difficulties they have faced and will be back to normal soon. We’ll keep you updated.

Zaycon Super Sale on Chicken
99¢ Boneless Skinless Ck Breasts

Zaycon has issued a new discount code that new and returning customers can all use for a super sale on chicken — here’s a chance to get your orders in for fall delivery event at an awesome stockup price of 99¢/lb. They say there is no expiration date but it will sell out fast so hurry if you want to order!!

The super sale on these chicken breasts is an amazing 99¢/lb for the fall delivery. You have to sign up and order your case before they sell out. The chicken is normally $1.89/lb but when you enter the code CHICKEN2018 at checkout, the price will drop to almost half price!

SUPER SALE on CHICKEN Official Details:

 – code CHICKEN2018 – ends when sold out so hurry – 99¢ per lb

How do you get this Super Sale on Chicken ??

  • Create a free account and check out the Events calendar, enter your zip code to see sale events pickup areas nearest you. (usually in church parking lots.)
  • Order by the case and stock up on great quality meat at very good prices, and be sure to enter the discount code at checkout !
  • On the scheduled pick up day, bring your receipt confirmation to your pick up spot.
  • You’ll see the huge Zaycon refrigerated truckSuper Sale on Chicken
  • They will even load your case(s) into your car! No need to get out!

and make sure to use the code below at checkout.  (be sure to checkout other Zaycon deals we’ve posted)

Super Sale on Chicken

Order NOW with code CHICKEN2018  

  • Jumbo, farm-fresh, juicy chicken breasts. 100% all-natural, double-lobed.
  • Boneless, skinless pure chicken perfection. Our original and still most popular product.
  • Fresher chicken—direct to you right from the processing farm.
  • From farm to truck to you in a matter of days, not weeks like most supermarkets and warehouse clubs.
  • Extra meaty breasts deliver more juicy taste—and value—to all your classic chicken recipes.
  • Delivered fresh, not frozen. (It’s what started it all!)
  • Simply the best way to buy top quality chicken and save.
  • 40lb case of whole, minimally processed double-lobed “butterfly” breasts

Shop Now at Zaycon Fresh

You’ll quickly discover the famous Zaycon chicken difference: choosing the right farms, eliminating the “middle man” to keep it fresh and all-natural, while getting it to you fast. And of course you get this top-shelf quality at unbeatable prices. These plump, fresh double-lobed boneless breasts are super in slow cooker meals like chicken chili, with the delicate white meat so easy to pull apart with just a fork. Oven-baked recipes are perfect for these extra meaty breasts that stay tender and juicy. Each 40lb case of whole, minimally processed double-lobed butterfly” breasts is delivered to you fresh, not frozen, packed only in its natural juices

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