SUPER SALE on BACON! NEW code. Just $2.99/lb

Got BACON? Stock up! Super Sale on BACON! NEW CODE for $2.99/lb!

Super Sale on BACONZaycon Super Sale on Bacon
NEW 25% Discount CODE

Zaycon has issued a new temporary 25% discount code for a super sale on bacon! Order today for the May delivery and make sure to use the code below at checkout.  The regular order price is $3.99/lb which is a great everyday price for this bacon. (We’ve ordered it for many years and love it!)

Super Sale on Bacon

At checkout, the code FAVORITE299 will drop the price down to an awesome $2.99/lb. I have seen a rare sale for $3.19 a few times, but never as low as this year! We save on fresh meat by ordering a lot of their products since we don’t really get coupons for many of these and when we do, the quality is not what we’re use to from Zaycon. We are regular customers of the bacon, chicken breasts, lean ground beef, and tenderloins but have also been known to get some shrimp, sausage and porkchops. We have never been disappointed


  • Create a free account and check out the Events calendar, enter your zip code to see what’s on sale and where pick up is. (usually in church parking lots.)
  • Shop online, order by the case and stock up on great quality meat at really good prices.
  • On the scheduled pick up day, bring your receipt confirmation to your pick up spot.
  • You’ll see the huge Zaycon refrigerated truck
  • They will even load your case(s) into your car! No need to get out!


Order NOW with code FAVORITE299

  • You get old-fashioned smoky, sweet flavor from an award-winning 60 year old recipe.
  • Cured for at least 24 hours, and hickory smoked for a minimum of 7.5 hours.
  • This premium pork cut is precision sliced to yield 14-16 slices per lb.
  • Genuine wood fire smoking. No shortcuts, no liquid smoke you’ll find in other brands.
  • A crowd favorite at breakfast or on lunch sandwiches. Great for salads, too.
  • Tender cuts that crisp and curl to perfection in the pan, microwave or oven.
  • Prepared fresh then quickly frozen to preserve flavor; easy to thaw what you need.
  • Best quality results if used within the 1 year freezer shelf life.
  • Each 36lb frozen case contains twelve 3lb frozen packages, with 14-16 slices per lb.


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