Rite Aid Shopping 5/5/13 – Got my free deodorant!

Rite Aid ShoppingRite Aid Shopping for FREE deodorant 5/5/13

We weren’t planning on doing any Rite Aid shopping but decided to run in and check for the Rock deodorant spray since we were driving by there.  There it was on the shelf.. with a big neon sign that said FREE! … Ok.. that neon sign part was only in my head but it did have a $2 off sign as I expected.

We didn’t see much we wanted on this weeks Rite Aid ad so we didn’t work up a big Rite Aid shopping list but this Rock deodorant that I posted about the other day is regularly $4.99 and on sale for $2 off for the month of May plus you get $1 +UPs rewards back for each (limit 2). 

We had two of the $2/1 Rock Natural Deodorant Men’s Body Spray  coupons so we bought 2 deodorant sprays that rang up at $5.98 and we used 2 manufacturer coupons and paid $1.98 at the register but we got back $2 +ups for a net price of FREE or technically a profit of 2¢.

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  • Kamaya

    Did Tommy try them out? If so, how was the smell?

    • Mich_TCC

      It didn’t help.. he still stinks.. haha (kidding honey). Actually Kamaya, we have so much deodorant already that this purchase is in the donation box for this week so I’m not sure. Maybe another reader has tried these and would like to share.. anyone?

      • Kamaya

        LOL!!! I’ll be around a Rite Aid this weekend, so I hope to find it and donate it also.

  • I bought a couple a while back @ RA but threw mine in the deo stockpile box. Haven’t smelled it yet either. Will prob tuck in a giftbag for nephew’s bday coming up.

    • Mich_TCC

      The body sprays are popular with the boys so that will probably be perfect.

  • marbar327

    Wow! That is awesome that you got that deodorant for Free 🙂 Mary McCloy

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