Publix Trip on 8-16 ~ Not bad for $11! Gotta Love Coupons!

Publix Trip on 8-16 ~ Not bad for $11! Gotta Love Coupons!

Publix Trip on 8-16

Great Savings in our Publix Trip on 8-16

We had some great coupons, and we took advantage of the gas card deal to get our savings even greater in this Publix trip on 8-16 2014. We both had our list of items and each qualified for the discount on the gas card so we grabbed a couple of those. (It nearly takes two to fill our SUV, so the gas card is always a welcomed item in the weekly ad). We did have a raincheck on the Viva Vantage paper towels, so those aren’t currently on sale. We also had some great Publix coupons that we were lucky to get in the mailbox. That’s a rarity for us for some reason. We also received the Coke coupons in the mail from our rewards points plus a couple Armour coupons for complimenting  the manufacturer on one of their products. It pays to dish out compliments on your favorite brands. We never ask for coupons, but many times they do thank their customers with additional savings. If you have a moment, check out the websites of your favorite brands. They almost always have a “contact us” button and love hearing from happy customers!

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Here’s the combined breakdown of what hubby and I bought in our Publix trip on 8-16

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