Publix Trip on 7-31 2014 ~ $30 with $50 Gas Card

Publix Trip on 7-31 2014 ~ $30 with $50 Gas Card = $20 PROFIT

Publix Trip on 7-31

Another Profitable Publix Trip on 7-31

We love the ad this week plus that awesome gas card deal! We ended up with 115% savings in this Publix trip on 7-31. Our Publix had more vitamins than we’ve ever seen there to qualify for the coupons so those helped to reduce the bill quite a bit. Many of the bottles that were usually under the count requirement had extra bonus tablets on these bottles so they increased them over the 120 tablet requirement. We ended up paying about $30 at the register if you include the $50 gas card we left with. Since we buy gas anyway and it’s not in our grocery budget, the discount on the gas card is free money against our groceries.

We actually had intended to pick up some lettuce and a few odds and ends that we wanted but it was  “meet your teacher day” and we were pressed for time. I’ve already started my next shopping list so we’ll be back to spend some money. A few of the deals in this trip had limits on the coupons so we’ll get more next trip to go along with other items.

It’s the end of July and there are 60 coupons that will be gone by midnight TONIGHT! Don’t miss out! Check out the complete END of July Printable Coupon List!

This List Has Expired
Here's what we got at Publix!