Publix Shopping Trip on 8-8

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Here’s how we did… how did you do?

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I believe everyone needs a vacation after a vacation! We were exhausted after squeezing in a fishing excursion and some zip lining at the end of our vacation in Puerto Rico last weekend. When we get the pictures and video organized from the last couple days there I’ll do a continuation post from the first one, but for now here’s a clip of our little guy’s surprise ending to our fishing trip.  I thought this was pretty entertaining and if you watch it in full screen you can see how huge that fish is!


These last few days have blown by and I feel like not much was accomplished.  I know I was busy but I can’t for the life of me remember what I’ve done… except laundry… lots and lots of laundry. We made it home from our trip to the islands and we’re happy to note that the house was still in one piece after leaving our oldest son home alone for 10 days but there was still some required cleaning and.. did I mention laundry?

Somehow we still managed to get up a Publix shopping trip on 8-8 that was pretty good.  I’m excited to try the Velveeta singles and the new Mac n Cheese flavors BUT  I about peed myself when I saw that toilet paper deal… good thing I was buying toilet paper, huh?Surprised C’mon, you know you get really excited about super cheap TP too!


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Here’s what we got…. 

$151.50 worth of groceries for $10.86!!

That’s 93% savings !

Publix Shopping trip on 8-8
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Publix shopping trip on 8-8


  • Kamaya

    Yes; I agree you do need a vacation after vacation! It’s so hard to get back into the swing of things once your home and laundry is the last thing anyone wants to see or do lol. I liked the clip…I bet your son had fun with the fishing. This was a very nice haul and btw the lowest I’ve ever paid for toilet paper has been $3.00 and I thought that was a great deal….you’ve definately out did me.

    • Publix has had 4pk of TP as their penny item occasionally so between that and this weeks bogo, those are the cheapest prices we’ve ever gotten TP for. I wish you had a Publix nearby so I didn’t “out do you” … I’d rather have a tie! 🙂

      • Kamaya

        That was so nice of you to say that….hopefully one day we can have a tie! Wait,we did with the Kraft Barbecue sauce .18 cents remember? LOL

  • Every vacation deserves another vacation right after! I always say that it is much easier than getting back to normal life ;).

    • Absolutely! We try to get home with some down time still available in order to recoop but it doesn’t always work that way.

  • txhmgbrd

    can you please let us know how the mac and cheese tastes? would like to try it but am worried the rest of my bunch won’t like it. thanks for experimenting , lol.

    • I am a little worried too. I’m sure Tommy and I will like it but we’ll have to hide the packaging from the boys…that’s our only chance or they will decide they don’t like it before even trying it! lol They don’t even like homemade mac and ch … they only like “normal” mac n cheese.. I will let you know how it goes!

  • coupontammy

    It’s my favorite day of the week Friday Brag Blog day!! You guys rocked it this week. I can’t believe you did that well when you just got back from vacation. That is a killer savings!

    Also Dylan did look a little startled. Now he can tell the story about the one that got away. LOL
    Sometimes vacations are actually harder then going to work. You rush to get everything in, that you are ready to come home and go back to work. Glad to have you back!

    • awww..Thanks so much, Tammy! Oh.. and I think the Tarpon are actually telling the story about the one that got away!

  • CricetJean Gentry

    I love seeing what you two come home with all the time! I wish we had stores here that we could do that at!

    • Surely you have one of the drug stores around!? My favorite place to shop is Publix but you can get some awesome deals at drug stores with the rewards programs and coupons! I do wish everyone had a Publix near them though!

  • Sue Peterson

    Wow – this is inspirational. I feel like I really struggle with figuring out how to make these deals work. I’m going to read up on this website though and try to figure out how you’re doing what you do! Hope to see you on a Friday in the future saving lots of money! 🙂