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Weekly Brag Blog 6/6/13 with Link Ups

publix weekly brag blog

Here’s how we did… how did you do?

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I was pretty darn happy (and tired) after my Publix shopping trip on 6-6.  I made much of this in one trip but did add a few more to get the full amount of body wash and all that Hellmann’s for the donation box so I’m wiped out after this. After I got home from my trips and took the picture I actually found more Dial coupons so I ran to the closest Publix for a couple of things and then stopped by Dollar Tree for a little frustration to top off the day,  but for the most part this is an entire mornings shopping results! If anyone ever says that couponing is not hard work then they are definitely not an extreme couponer! (but I love it!)

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get the 50 cent Yakisoba coupon this time (which doubles at my Publix) or I could have knocked down the total a little more but I’m not gonna whine about it… FREE is FREE, right?! My youngest son was thrilled to see all those Yakisoba come home since he just ate the last one recently. (I realize feeding him those does not exactly make me mom of the year but he gets in the pantry and makes them on his own when I’m ignoring him blogging and this shamefully makes me happy Devil)

I can’t wait for hubby to get home.  I’ve been spoiled with all that he does and I’m really feeling it when he’s out of town! (Miss you sweetie!)

Our June 
$200 giveaway is now LIVE make sure and register for your chance to win up to $200 (maybe even $300)!  Good luck to everyone!

Here’s what we got…. 

$214.50 worth of groceries for $13.73!!

That’s almost 94% savings !

Publix shopping trip on 6-6

This List Has Expired

Also in case you missed them here is a list of all the new Printable Coupons that were released over the last week.  If you think you might need any of these you might want to print them now! You never know how long they will be around! Click here or the image below to get the full list of Printable Coupons that I have made into direct links that will clip the coupons for you!

Publix Shopping Trip on 5-23