Quick Publix Shopping Trip on 11-11-16 still saved us lots of money!

Our Publix Shopping Trip on 11-11-16 | Great Savings Even With Milk / Bread

Publix Shopping Trip on 11-11-16

Publix Shopping Trip on 11-11-16 for $21.35

We had a small Publix shopping trip on 11-11-16 to take advantage of a couple expiring deals in the GAF. This was a bit of a last minute trip because we were out of milk and bread so we threw this list together. We are planning a larger Publix couponing trip on Sunday when we’ll take advantage of the gas card deal. There are also more great deals in the Publix ad this week that we didn’t have time to put together for this quick Publix couponing trip on 11-11.

Just a reminder, you can often find rebates for some of your necessary items that are more difficult to find savings on. We often take advantage of the “any brand” offers on ibotta for Milk, bread, eggs, and veggies. Every little bit helps!

 The full Detailed Breakdown of our

Publix Shopping Trip on 11-11-16

is Below!

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This List Has Expired
Detailed Breakdown
Publix Shopping Trip on 11-11-16

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