Publix Couponing Hints is designed to explain the details of how to get the best deals based on the Publix  Coupon Policy .


The Publix couponing hints that I provide are based on my research and my own shopping experiences, but I have tried to note differences that may pertain to your stores where appropriate.

 publix couponing



Coupons that Publix accepts and where to find them:

Publix allows coupon “stacking”, which means they allow one store coupon (Publix or Competitor coupon) and one manufacturer coupon to be used on the same item.  In addition, you can also add any Upromise savings that are available and then submit for ibotta cash back when you get home!



  • Manufacturer Newpaper coupons – You can find these as inserts in your Sunday paper.  The standard inserts are Red Plum, Smart Source, and Procter & Gamble. These vary each week so sometimes you may find all 3 and other times just 1.  Also, the specific coupons you get in each insert can vary between regions so your insert may have a variation of the coupon or not contain a specific coupon.
  • Manufacturer printable coupons – Publix does accept legitimate printed coupons and no, they don’t have to be in color so print away in black and white and save that colored ink.  (remember – photocopying coupons is illegal!)
  • Manufacturer Magazine coupons – If any of you subscribe to magazines, keep your eyes peeled for any promo coupons in the ads.  Some magazines are notorious for an abundance of coupons such as AllYou magazine.
  • Manufacturer coupon booklets – These just popup when you least expect it.  You may find these strategically place in your Publix store or in another retail store or possibly in your mailbox. Always keep your eye out for coupon booklets when you’re out shopping!
  • Manufacturer “blinkies” and tearpads – The blinkies are found throughout stores and are the little coupon dispensing machines that offer manufacturer coupons and the tear pads are often found throughout retailers as well.  Remember, even if you find these at another retailer or convenience store, you can use these at Publix since they are manufacturer coupons.



Each store governs the details of their own store coupon policy.  Some require the number of Publix coupons per item and some only require one Publix coupon that they will enter multiple times based on the number of items you have.  They also have the right to decide which competitors coupons they accept and limit the number used.

Publix Store coupons – You can find Publix store coupons in several places.  Here are the most common.

  • Publix Advantage Buy Fliers are published monthly.  Publix puts out a Grocery Advantage Flier and a Health/Beauty Flier and both of these sale fliers contain store coupons and sometimes manufacturer coupons as well.  Find these at your local Publix by the entrance or ask at the customer service desk.  These also tend to show up as newspaper inserts as well.
  • Promotional Booklets – Occasionally Publix puts out a booklet of Publix store coupons.  You can find these in various places in the store or ask at the customer service desk.
  • Publix Magazines & clubs – Publix has magazines and clubs you can sign up for that will bring coupons to in your mailbox a couple times a year.  You can sign up for Publix Baby Club , Publix Paws , Publix Grape ,   Publix Family Style , Publix GreenWise .
  • Publix In-Ad coupons – Review your weekly ad flier for the occasional Publix store coupon.
  • Publix store printables –  There are also various Publix printables that are offered such as the those on the coupon tab to the right of the online ad , the  Publix Paws pet coupons (when offered), and the Best Meals Happen at Home emails that you sign up for.

 Competitor Coupons – Many Publix stores accept store coupons from competitors such as Target, Kroger, Ingles, WholeFoods, Winn Dixie, Food Lion, SweetBay, and others. It’s up to the individual store as to which competitor coupons (if any)  they will honor.  These may be different for each individual store so ask for a list from customer service or look for the list of competitors posted on the outside of the store.  Keep in mind that they only accept one store coupon per item so they would accept either a Publix coupon or a Competitor coupon on a item and not both. Competitor coupons may be printed from their websites if they have them available or they can be found in mailers and as a bonus in your newpaper.



Publix has digital coupons that, once you create an account, you can select for use. These are tied to your listed phone number on your account. When you check out, you type in your phone number and the digital coupons you have loaded that apply should be credited toward your total.  These are single coupons so if you buy 3 items, you will not get triple the value of that digital coupon. The single amount of that coupon will apply.  The digital coupons are manufacturer coupons, do not double and cannot be stacked with an additional paper manufacturer coupon. (In my opinion, these are a last resort if there are no other manufacturer coupons available to use)



Upromise is a savings program that you can sign up for and save money with many companies that you shop at and use every day. One of the many benefits is the ecoupons that are available each month.  These are available to download to whatever store cards you have.  Since Publix does not use an official store card, they have a Upromise card that you can get from the customer service desk.  Once you have signed up, you can register your card and load the ecoupons.  Then simply scan the card at check out.  These coupons do not reduce your out of pocket at the time of checkout but they do add to your Upromise account total.  Once you have accumulated the minimum savings amount you can then request a check or set it up to go to a savings account.  This does not count as a coupon at checkout so you can still use a store and manufacturer coupon!  Learn more about Upromise here .  Membership is free so if you get some perks it’s just icing!


Using coupons on the BOGO sale

For most of us around the country,  Publix treats their buy one get one sales as each item being half price.  The products ring up as half off so you don’t need to get both items or an even number of items to benefit. Since these are actually treated as two half priced items, you can buy 1 and use 1 manufacturer coupon AND  1 store coupon to get the deal.

Example 1:

Hunts Ketchup regularly priced @ $3.00 on BOGO sale would ring up @ $1.50

Use a $1.00 off 1 manufacturer coupon and $0.50 store coupon = 1 Free ketchup!

Example 2:

buy 2 Hunts Ketchup regularly priced @ $3.00 on BOGO sale would ring up @ $1.50 each

Use a b1g1 manufacturer coupon = $1.50 for two ($0.75 each wyb 2) (you could use 2 store coupons here if you had them as well)  In the land of half price BOGO sales, a coupon for b1g1 is only going to give the half price credit.. the price it rings up for.

Florida Publix stores have true BOGO sales.  In other words, you must buy two items to get the deal.  The first rings up as full price and the second is free.  

Florida Example 1:

Hunts Ketchup regularly priced @ $3.00 on BOGO sale rings up the first one as $3.00 and the second free

Buy 2 and Use 2 $1.00 off 1 manufacturer coupon and 2 $0.50 store coupons  = Free for two Ketchup.  You must get two items to get the deal.

Florida Example 2:

Hunts Ketchup regularly priced @ $3.00 on BOGO sale rings up the first one as $3.00 and the second free

Use a b1g1 manufacturer coupon = two Free ketchup. (You could also use a 2 store coupons here if you had some and end up with a credit for more than the price of the item).  In the land of the true BOGO, the coupon for b1g1 gives full credit on the one that rang up for full price!


Doubling Coupons

Many Publix stores will double any manufacturer coupon up to $0.50 with no limit on the number of coupons doubled per transaction.  This means that if given the choice of using a coupon for $0.75 off or using a coupon for $0.50 off, you definitely want to choose the smaller value coupon which will give you savings of $1.00 when it’s doubled!  Not all stores double coupons so check with your local Publix. Florida stores do not double. If your store does not double then you would want the higher value coupon!

Publix does not double store coupons.  Even if you are shopping at a Publix that does double manufacturer coupons, the store coupons (Publix or competitor coupons) are only credited for the face value.


Using BOGO Coupons

When using a manufacturer coupon that states buy one get one free, the coupon applies to both items.  This also applies to a coupon that is buy x product get y product free.  If a coupon requires the purchase of more than one item to get the deal, then it applies to all items and cannot be used with another manufacturer coupon.  You can, however, use a store item on each of the items. 

The same goes for a store coupon that requires the purchase of more than one item.  If you have a store coupon that states buy x get y free then you are using that coupon for both x and y so no additional store coupon can be used on either of those.  You can use an additional manufacturer coupon on each.



Take advantage of the Publix Penny Item!


Publix has a different “mystery item” for $0.01 on the first day of the new sales ad in Alabama, most of Georgia and Tennessee, and South Carolina. To claim the item, you need to shop on the first day of the new sale (Thursdays for me but some areas begin the new sale on Wednesdays). You will need the penny item coupon from the ad found somewhere in that days newspaper, and you will need to buy (before coupons) a minimum of $10 on your shopping order (excluding money orders,  alcohol, postage stamps, gift cards, and prescriptions). The $10 figure is calculated before deducting any other coupons you have. The item rings up at regular price, then the coupon subtracts all but a penny of the price. This coupon will usually state “Limit one deal per coupon per customer.” Florida stores do not participate in this promotion.



If you find that the item you’re after is sold out, ask at the customer service desk for a rain-check. Rain-checks will be written to allow you another 30 days to get up to 10 of the items at the sale price.  Should the coupons for the item expire before the rain-check expires, don’t worry!  Publix allows the expired coupons to be used when you use your rain-check as long as they were valid at the time the rain-check was issued.


Rain-checks are written for sale item prices on out of stock merchandise, but some stores will also write rain-checks for regular priced items that are great deals because of store coupons in the Grocery or Health fliers. Publix has left this up to each store manager so it will vary from store to store.  The rain-check will extend the Publix flier coupon expiration date so when they do get the regular priced item back in, you can still get the great deal by using the expired coupon.

Keep in mind that some coupons have limits.  A rain-check does not override the restrictions on the coupons (with the exception of the expiration date).